Pamela Anderson, how ’bout you never do this again?

February 19th, 2009 // 230 Comments

I don’t know what the hell possessed designer Richie Rich to let a swimsuit-clad Pamela Anderson loose on his Fashion Week runway last night, but someone explain to me how this doesn’t qualify as a terrorist attack. It’s practically 9/11 all over again. But in my eyes.

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    It’s not a terrorist attack if you like SKANKS!

  2. Virgodoll

    She’s old, she shud cover up

  3. Um….Fish, you can’t use the same joke twice in the same week. It was only funny the first time.
    Reading it twice is like fucking 9/11 but in my EYES!!

  4. Jen

    She looks like Anna Nicole Smilth’s evil twin

  5. E

    Oh look 2 fug walking STDs on the runway

  6. E

    Oh look 2 fug walking STDs on the runway

  7. Kevin

    Great. From pasty white chicks to bronzed over-the-hill white chicks. White chicks are ugly. Stop posting pictures of them.

  8. p0nk

    this is why hot stars need to die an early death.

  9. Clem

    I am so glad that’s not my mother.

  10. I wonder what kind of drugs she’s on and where do I find them?

  11. JJ

    Wow, Pam is packing some junk down there. She looks like a shemale.

  12. Yeah well, hope some scientist figure out how to stop time, in the meantime id be glad to stand in line to bang her…Pam=continually searching for the big one…

  13. sote

    #9 I was thinking the same thing… and my mom is a crazy bitch! hahaha
    #8 LOL hahaha that was great!

    This woman is a mess, somebody plz assist her so she can die a quick death.

  14. Smith

    Don’t tell me, I’m pretty sure I can guess: “She looks great for her age!” Just like Rihanna is smart for a monkeygirl.

  15. crankymiss

    At least she doesn’t look like a corpse like Madonna.

  16. well...

    i never thought desperation could have one singe image to represent it, but i was wrong.

  17. glace neuf

    i’d have to wear one of those full body condoms from “naked gun”, but i’m pretty sure i’d still hit it.

  18. Ricard0

    I want to suck her toes.

  19. ch47

    It’s Pam. How the hell do you get grossed out, pissed off, or turned on by Pam? She’s still the same strap-on queen, diseased, mid-level rock star groupie she’s always been. Pity her poor kids though … how old do you think they were when it was heard in the playground “Dude, I just jerked off over pictures of your Mom!” … or what will happen when they “accidentally” see the Pam and Tommy video.

  20. Vince

    This is what happens when a woman doesn’t have a Chris Brown in her life to force her to shut the fuck up and know her place.

  21. Holyfuck

    Yeah, she’s pretty tore up. But realistically she could look worse. She’s old, plain and simple. She should act her age. But it’s not like she’s unfuckable (well aside from the Hep C and all).

    Imagine if that was your mom though. Her sons are scarred for sure.

  22. Guy


  23. Gary

    It’s so brutal for guys to be reminded that this is the very best that a 41-year-old female ass can look, because it looks awful. Age + Gravity = No Mercy. Gotta hope that by the time both of you are 40, you’re successful enough to dump the saggy old hag for a young chick.

  24. jt

    this is so sad, she looks like a tranny. to think that i relieved so much….uh…stress from her films.

  25. Deacon Jones

    @ 1 – Exactly!
    I dont know about you guys, but I have a thing for trashy, blond older women.
    First off, theyre hands down the best lay you’ll ever get, nothing comes close.

    Secondly, I think her body looks good, ass and tits are still hanging in there.

    And shit, the more makeup the better, makes her look trashier, fuck it.

  26. steve

    I say this for her – she didn’t get fat. She belongs in the Guinness World Records for that, for an American woman her age.

  27. sote

    I’m still trying to figure out what the hell she was doing in pic 1 and why would she ever do that hahahaha.

  28. Hong Bong

    She lookie like she smell… kimchee pot!

  29. crabby old guy

    The only thing worse that a young slut with fake tits = an old slut with fake tits.

  30. Stick it, Gary

    Gary, I’m sure your ass was/never will be hot enough to get a woman who’s ass once looked like Pamela Anderson’s did 10 ten years ago. Bitch, please. You couldn’t get a woman’s ass like this when it’s 15 years older. Go have your mom make you a sandwich and keep your misogynist daydreams to yourself, fool.

  31. Zee Brat

    The fifth picture close up is so awesome that I made it my wallpaper.

  32. Gary

    lmao@writing “misogynist ” on this just-fucking-around celeb-trashing blog. Go back to braiding your armpits and licking the crotch section of your Rosie O’Donnell poster.

  33. maotali

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  34. You can still stick it, Gary

    Gary, you ignorant fag. I LMAO and losers like you that write LMAO. Go lick your mother’s crotch. Oh wait. You probably already did that after she came down to the basement to give you your lunch.

  35. havoc

    See? #25 ole Deacon Jones gets it…..


  36. Gary

    Nice job – misogynist, followed by a mom comment, followed by a mom’s basement comment.

    Have you ever had an original thought?

  37. Jrz

    Okay…well, I guess I don’t feel so bad about splitting that ice cream sandwich with my co-worker just now.

    Whatever. Pam don’t give a shit.

  38. I’d fuck her in a church rectory. In front of your kids.

  39. Vince Lombardi

    Did she get the puppies reduced? She looks less overwhelming than I remember.

  40. Musclechicken

    Dear Gus! Is she hiding a scrotum in the crotch of that swimsuit? Or are those some of the fattest labia on the planet? Remember when she was hot?

  41. Bored with Gary now

    Yawn. Yeah, the genesis of this whole string of crap between you and me goes back that original, ape thinking comment you spewed out. Go back to watching your dvds of Entourage, player.

  42. Morganzola

    Didn’t a similar set of photos crop up a while back that featured Pam Anderson’s cameltoe is what I believe was some kind of magic show?

    Indeed, they eyes cannot unsee.

  43. Gary

    “Yawn” completes the cycle. I accept your surrender. I enjoyed playing commenting-by-the-numbers with you.

  44. Hey FRIST I got my script filled!!!

  45. Darth

    Her blond manes could use a good breeze.

  46. daniel

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  47. Matt

    Parker is not commenting because he knows at Pam’s age, her balloon knot has varicose veins.

  48. Joe

    You guys just could not handle the sweet mama Pam. You just like to fuck girls with little boy bodies missionary style.

    I would ride that woman doggie, pull her hair and spank that ass. But it is true, only some men can fuck like that.

  49. Cubicle


  50. Miss Pritchard

    As #46′s comment shows, Asians have great difficulty with handling gender when attempting to use English.

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