UPDATE: Pamela Anderson files for divorce

December 17th, 2007 // 80 Comments

Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from Rick Salomon on Friday, according to CelebTV.com. The couple had been married for a little over two months and it was the third time down the aisle for each of them. It was rumored that Pam and Rick would star in a reality show, but Pam shot down that idea on Thursday in her blog:

“I WAS considering…Only to promote and have people see what it’s like to create a show and be on stage starring in a big Vegas production. (probably not happening anymore) not my family life. (Never my kids) I have to make a lot of big decisions. The choices I have to make now are about quality of life. And meaning. Not about money or fame for no good reason. I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But no regrets — Just living such a huge dream….I’m blessed. So many options. I can’t complain. I can be confused.”

That Rick Salomon is a lucky son of a bitch. I wish my wife would divorce me right before the holidays. Instead she’ll probably buy me golf clubs or something. Then she’ll get mad when I go on a golf trip with my buddies and have sex with a bunch of strippers. I mean, seriously, what else do you use golf clubs for? I dunno, maybe she should’ve got me a waffle iron. But then again, you know who loves waffles? Hookers.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon have reconciled and are calling off the divorce. At least until their next fight which I’m sure will involve fake breasts and a ninja. That’s just my educated guess.

Photo: Pacific Coast News

  1. Anonymous

    To all Guys:

    Do yourself a favor and don’t ever get married. It’s not worth it, believe me. Women just want the cash and the ability to order you around, and then half of your possessions once the divorce happens. If you think that they actually CARE about you, you are very sadly mistaken. It’s all about power and money with them. Don’t let them tell you any differently. They will say and do anything to get what they want. Be very careful.

  2. TS

    I repeat, I knew there was there was a good reason I liked you! I could use some of that myself right about now.

    Keeping warm in the upper Northwest?

  3. DVD

    Well, I’m not shock with that news maybe its just a dream its different Man again.

  4. Sauron

    Life is a beach?

  5. No, TS, I have been skipping lunch just so I don’t have to leave the nice warm office. Pretty pathetic, but it keeps me from getting Taco Bell butt, so hey..

  6. Don’t get a Taco Bell butt. If you do, you will have those little chawawa dogs foloowing you around..

    How did I get the retard troll today??

    Did you get my last email??

  7. Malffy Hernandes

    She’s a mess and a half.

  8. BunnyButt

    TT, in other words, your Pamela pillow case is starting to look like the real Pamela …

  9. tight lipped smiler

    He found out her cunt is fake too.

  10. blah

    You couldn’t find a worse pic of Pamela Anderson could ya?
    Pamela’s such an amazingly hot woman, way more than all those overrated wannabe-hot idiots you post about calling hot, why don’t you do us all a favor and when you post about a woman who’s hot as fuck, try to find a picture which does her justice and not the worst, most unflattering picture you could find?

  11. Danni

    Rick Solomon is HOT!!!

  12. jdrevv

    What a mess this woman’s life is. The latest husband is nothing but a sleazy exploiter of women. She is creating a disgusting history for her children to review when they are older. Will she be ready to stand in front of the Creator and answer for her life when it’s over? Honestly, people that sell their souls in Hollywood get the misery that they deserve. I think that the Superficial is awesome, by the way, keep up the good work and I’ll keep looking you up everyday.

  13. No way, Jim, I’m far too vain, I would develop an eating disorder if I had too….either that or a crack problem..

    So TS, about that cup of blow???

  14. squirlgal1

    wonky tits + slezebag= destiny….they’re made for each other

  15. BaldAsBritney

    Hey Rick how’s Kid Rock /tommy lee/ half of California taste?

  16. bobo5ank

    he was said to be found of internet recently. Some of his fans found him on a millionaire&celebs dating club ” searching millionaire.com”.
    he has a personal account there with hot pictures, blog and something about his songs and new album.

  17. highly

    divorce???it is a miserable word.she’s really sexy and stunning. I’ve seen her picutes on a profile on a internet luxury dating site”WealthyKiss.com”for millionaires and celebrities, is it really her. I ‘ve tried to send an email. I am not sure, but I heard that charlie sheen appeared on that site and dated a very pretty girl there. Just have a try, hehe….

  18. Blind?


    That would be as easy as finding hot pics of Britney now. Did you just wake up from a coma? Pamela is not hot anymore. See if you can find any hot pics of her taken in the last month.

    Her face is wrinkly now, although I have to admit that her last implants will probably last forever.

  19. tc

    Who is this woman ?

    She has huge tits.

  20. Igottabemeeee

    There are just as many dishonest men as women Anonymous. I’ve been lucky enough to find two of them so far!! I think it is more that if you are an honest and trustworthy person then beware that people will take advantage of you. Male or female.

    Divorce sucks. If you haven’t done it already, learn a lesson from Pamela.

  21. She’s a sexy woman.

  22. laura

    her kids must be pretty screwed up in the head!!

  23. xtina

    She looks awful- result of hard living and hepatitis C. her looks are going and shes dumb as a stump. partys over!

  24. bluejeanbaby

    are you effing kidding me? she is such an imbecile. I actually have hep c too, and if she has truly had it this long then she is either in remission or would have had interfuron treatment. (which I havent read that she had)… dont get me wrong, hep c is a horrible medical condition, but if you are in remission you feel fine…..if not, there is no way you could be out partying, working etc. You feel like a train ran over you and can barely make it through a day.

  25. Wow, nothing in the world seems to hold these boobs back!

  26. Magic Nipples

    Her nipples remind me of a chameleon’s eyes: each can look at a completely different direction.

  27. makemepuke

    Surprised??? Isn’t it utterly obvious that she is a total lunatic …I’m surprised he lasted that long. He is such a “nobody”.

  28. engel

    She is a sexy women. Although I often see some people scold her at pubspa.com, I support her forever. After all, she is respectable.


    This was REEEAAAL! This was the one! This was LOVE! WHAT ARE THEY DOING?

    If these two can’t make love work, what hope is there for anyone?

  30. is it really thatPamela Anderson filed for divorce from Rick Salomon ?i can’t believe it ! i hope she can find her lover .i find my man in kissinterracial.com. maybe she can find her lover in that ,too .

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