UPDATE: Pamela Anderson files for divorce

Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from Rick Salomon on Friday, according to CelebTV.com. The couple had been married for a little over two months and it was the third time down the aisle for each of them. It was rumored that Pam and Rick would star in a reality show, but Pam shot down that idea on Thursday in her blog:

“I WAS considering…Only to promote and have people see what it’s like to create a show and be on stage starring in a big Vegas production. (probably not happening anymore) not my family life. (Never my kids) I have to make a lot of big decisions. The choices I have to make now are about quality of life. And meaning. Not about money or fame for no good reason. I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But no regrets — Just living such a huge dream….I’m blessed. So many options. I can’t complain. I can be confused.”

That Rick Salomon is a lucky son of a bitch. I wish my wife would divorce me right before the holidays. Instead she’ll probably buy me golf clubs or something. Then she’ll get mad when I go on a golf trip with my buddies and have sex with a bunch of strippers. I mean, seriously, what else do you use golf clubs for? I dunno, maybe she should’ve got me a waffle iron. But then again, you know who loves waffles? Hookers.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon have reconciled and are calling off the divorce. At least until their next fight which I’m sure will involve fake breasts and a ninja. That’s just my educated guess.

Photo: Pacific Coast News