UPDATE: Pamela Anderson files for divorce

December 17th, 2007 // 80 Comments

Pamela Anderson filed for divorce from Rick Salomon on Friday, according to CelebTV.com. The couple had been married for a little over two months and it was the third time down the aisle for each of them. It was rumored that Pam and Rick would star in a reality show, but Pam shot down that idea on Thursday in her blog:

“I WAS considering…Only to promote and have people see what it’s like to create a show and be on stage starring in a big Vegas production. (probably not happening anymore) not my family life. (Never my kids) I have to make a lot of big decisions. The choices I have to make now are about quality of life. And meaning. Not about money or fame for no good reason. I know I’ve made a lot of mistakes. But no regrets — Just living such a huge dream….I’m blessed. So many options. I can’t complain. I can be confused.”

That Rick Salomon is a lucky son of a bitch. I wish my wife would divorce me right before the holidays. Instead she’ll probably buy me golf clubs or something. Then she’ll get mad when I go on a golf trip with my buddies and have sex with a bunch of strippers. I mean, seriously, what else do you use golf clubs for? I dunno, maybe she should’ve got me a waffle iron. But then again, you know who loves waffles? Hookers.

UPDATE: TMZ is reporting that Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon have reconciled and are calling off the divorce. At least until their next fight which I’m sure will involve fake breasts and a ninja. That’s just my educated guess.

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  1. ipa

    hollywood’s a weird place, they make babies first and then marry or marry without dating first. gnah. hate that place. san diego’s a much cooler place.

  2. FRIST!!! you sorry sons a bitches!

  3. lapluie

    No surprise there! Who is next in line?

  4. ipa

    haha, jimbo, I guess not really!!

    btw, does anyone have an idea who the blonde chick on fishter’s banner is? christina applegate it’s not.

  5. Annabel

    She’s not aging gracefully.

  6. Texas Tranny

    She didn’t have pretty panties or a big enough cock to hold on to the hunk

  7. havoc

    Wow…I did NOT see that coming.


  8. Ooba Gooba

    Her marriage got hardly any publicity, so she’s gotta get divorced to get any…….truly pathetic.

  9. Shallow Val

    Is it me or is she looking a little haggard and granny-like. Nothing looks older than and aging blonde.

  10. George Best

    Pams hot for her age. All you losers must really have some fat girlfriends and want to take it out on her. Whether her diseases make her someone you wouldnt have sex with is another story. I think she should be with Tommy Lee until they are old and just have random affairs and record them for the internet.

  11. off topic, but check out michael jacksons face!

  12. havoc


  13. PunkA

    2 months? WOW.

    My money is now squarely on Pammy being bi-polar. How many failed relationships now after such a short period? 4+? How many happened so fast and impulsive? I bet she is pretty whacked in the head. She is probably an awesome friend, but horrible as a wife because she can’t handle it, has unrealistic demands. And won’t take her meds.

    Crazy bitch.

  14. Yep, haggard from the hep..

  15. PunkA

    By the way, what is the over/under before the sex tape comes out? Bet it makes millions for Pammy to give to her kids before she dies of her STD. Just sayin’…

    I give it 4 months.

  16. Auntie Kryst

    Someone help me out here. How does this douchebag know these celebrutards? Does the fucknut own a movie or record company or something? I’ve no idea why he is somewhat famous. I also can’t figure out Pamela Lee. I thought she was the captain of the crazy train, but still somewhat cool in strange way. Why did she marry the assclown that did the Paris fuck tape? Seriously, beyond the opportunity to gratuitously swear (fuck), what is story with this fucker?

  17. Sophie

    Oh Veggi that’s wrong LMAO!

    Think he got hit by a truck? or Is he trying to fix his face?

  18. cookie monsta

    next ……

    even when she looks like a haggard old trout (most days) I bet she remarries within 3 years to another loser – serial bride – serial failure at relationships. Smells like Britney’s future to me.

  19. I think her left tit sprung a leak or something..

  20. Ruby

    This is exactly what’s wrong with hollyweird: they confuse lust with love and get married. After like a month or so they finally have their first fight and call it quits. That’s not a marriage, that’s just a legally binding fuckfest.

  21. Shallow Val

    He’s wearing a Scarface shirt. Oy vey.

  22. veggi

    They just don’t see eye to eye anymore. Meaning, of course, her nipples.

  23. 22- go play in the street..

    oh, more news…… bobby brady is divorcing his model wife cause she gave him lesbian pictures of her and another chick for a present….
    I don’t know why that’s so funny.. click the link..

  24. Ted from LA

    I didn’t think you would be writing on here until tomorrow.

    What a beautiful cryptic message Pam left for her adoring fans. It’s just sad when stupid high people marry and it doesn’t work out.

  25. Mal Reynolds

    ….the third time down the aisle for each of them….and the last for neither.
    Isn’t she retiring soon?

  26. maximmm

    it took only two months to make a sex tape. that was quick.
    Expect a release in theaters near you in 2008

  27. Actually that is Peter Brady, how sad that I know that..

  28. veggi

    ah, you’re right FRIST!! my stupid brain and I are NOT getting along today..

  29. Ruby

    @ Ted from LA

    And why is that exactly?

  30. One who knows

    San Diego = sleazy shithole border town. Live the dream!

    Auntie Kryst – Note the Scarface shirt. Does that tell you anything about how he supports himself and gets all the B/C lister skanks?

  31. Auntie Kryst

    @28 good catch, I was thinking that was part of his charms. I also thought the backwards baseball cap and gayass goatee helped too. I also think I caught a whiff of Ax bodyspray coming through my computer.

  32. Back in the Game

    Our Pam has unbelievably bad taste in men … which means I still have a shot!! Whore-ay!!!

  33. FRIST and Veggi, Have you seen my troll today??

  34. Texas Tranny

    I have a body pillow with a pamala case that I hump every night. It’s a bit holey and spotty now.

  35. ipa

    hasn’t anybody else noticed how al pacino is pointing his gun at Pam? weird. funny! haha! stoopid.

    san diego is good for surfing, at least.

  36. TS

    Brady should have known that you can take the girl out of the trailer park but not the other way around. This chick is pretty hot, but she is straight-up W.T. I can appreciate hot lesbos as much as the next guy, but who wants one giving birth to your children? What a dumb bitch. A low class ho. Throw that bitch out on het trailer park ear. He should have known better.

  37. I’m right here. I like to hump things.

  38. humpa humpa humpa humpa!!!!!!

  39. Mornin, Jimbo.

    Mornin, Jimbo’s retarded troll..

  40. Ted from LA

    You seem like more of a Tuesday person…

  41. It’s not like they loved each other!

  42. Shallow Val

    23 – See, that’s what happens. Coozes like A. Curry think that’s what EVERY man wants, and Ka-CHOW, she gets a guy who just wants her, not a whore.
    Probably did that becasue she has NOTHING to talk about with him.

    Yayyy, Peter Brady!!!!!

  43. Nipples


  44. Texas Tranny

    #6, dumbass troll……………….we all know Pamela wears pretty panties and has a nice big strap-on.

  45. big teeth

    And the cycle of STD’s continues.. Pam gets Paris’s herpes, and Rick gets some Hep C all for himself.

  46. TS

    FRIST, what about me?

  47. FagHag

    You’re right, we all know fags like Tommy Lee and Kid Rock love a nice big strap-on up their ass and probally a real cock or two.

  48. TS, sorry I wasn’t sure if that was you!!! And why am I saying good morning anyway? It’s fricken 1:00 pm!!!

    So, good afternoon, and does anyone have a cup of nose candy I could borrow? I got monday blues :(

  49. D. Richards (Scum-Of Caligula.)

    Did Pam’s “blog” make any fucking sense? Because it made not a bit of sense to me. What-the fuck is Pam-whore talking about, a big “Vegas production”?

    I was still under the impression that Pamela Anderson is a has-been C-list almost-actress who’s claim to fame is having abnormally large, grotesque balloon-skinned blue-veined breasts – - being cast as a huge breasted lifeguard flotation device in a fogettable series; and being fucked by her first husband, Tommy Lee, in a fuck video that was “stolen” (marketed as stolen) from a safe inside of her home. Boy, was I wrong.

    Because apparently Pamela’s a huge Vegas Performer.

  50. Matthew

    can we say elizbath taylor everybody

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