Pamela Anderson drinks like a Viking

October 8th, 2007 // 65 Comments

First off, yes, Pamela Anderson did marry Rick Salomon over the weekend. We all saw that coming. They got a marriage license last week and haven’t left Vegas since. No surprise there. I could talk about that, but why waste my energy when I’ll have to crack wise on the divorce next week. In the meantime, here’s Pamela Anderson doing something really cool: wielding a gigantic vessel of beer that’s almost as plentiful as her chest. If that’s not erotic to anybody else, I’m starting to think I have a drinking problem. No, wait, I just love boobs. Phew, for a minute there, I thought something was wrong with me. Now where’s my whiskey? I need to pour it on my Cheerios.


  1. oh

    yeah im first

  2. iuy


  3. sara


  4. cate

    She needs to die already.

  5. carolyn

    You mean “wielding”, not “yielding”, dumbass.

  6. Very Unhappy Housewife

    Eeeeeww!! Eeeeeeewww!!! Eeeeeeeewwwww!!! Waaaah!!! Waaaaahaaaahaaaa!!! Horrible!!! Horrible!!!! Earthshaking tragedy!!! No! I don’t mean about Pam and Rick, although that’s bad enough!!! I mean about my cupboard!!!


    How can this happen??? Horrible!!! Horrible!!!! Waaahaahaaa!!! Waaahaaahaaa!!!

  7. Annie Rexia

    Christ. Whe married him? Why didn’t she just save the time and go down on Paris, Tara, AND Lindsay. Eat out Britney’s shit stained ass as well. Can you have hep C, gonnoreah, and herpes at the same time and survive? I’m seriously thinking of putting this chick on my deathwatch list.

  8. Ann

    I love her hands!

  9. lux

    I like the fingerprint bruises on her shoulder (pic #6). Classy.

  10. hendero

    why is she “drinking like a Viking”? Because she’s holding a mug from the Hofbrauhaus (in Germany)? Drinking like a stormtrooper, maybe.

    Ah, who cares, the plastic cans still look alright.

  11. havoc

    Good call…..

    Save all the funny stuff for the divorce.


  12. lux

    Is she wearing pasties, or is that a nicorette patch on her tit? (last pic)

  13. von

    She used to be pretty:
    now shes getting ollllllllderrrrr

  14. L.Linus

    This marriage is already on the clock, and it’ll be a matter of time before she says, we grew apart. Hep C is probably just one of the problems that she has other than being a flat out ho-bag with green and yellow pus dripping out of her ass!!!

  15. veggi

    The tall shorts confuse me.
    The beer makes me thirsty.
    The guy and his feathered hair make me want to be gay.

  16. Shes old and washed up and fuckin gross.

  17. While her chest is certainly big – her body is imbalanced as a whole.

    Look at her hips and buttocks area.

    It is about aesthetic balance nowadays, Not about extremeties

  18. zuzuspetals

    What’s better than a nasty, tattoo-covered pig who gives you Hepatitis-C and beats you until you until you have call 911? What’s better than an ugly hillbilly who accuses you of lying about a miscarriage in front of the entire world?
    Answer: A guy who would allow a sex video, starring you, to be shown on the Internet for his own financial gain.
    I think Pam is a beautiful woman, and I love it that she has such a great sense of humor that she can laugh at herself, but she may have the worst taste in men of any woman that has ever lived, ever. Except for Eva Braun. And maybe Laura Bush.
    Pam, you don’t need another husband. You need therapy. Lots and lots of therapy.

  19. Is there anything this woman can’t do? I’ll want to bang her when she’s 80.

  20. Tits McGee

    Awww, @14…
    That pic of her, she still looks so innocent and less washed up. Poor little bunny!

  21. Gross….I don’t think I’ll drink beer ever again.

    I wonder where her kids were while she’s spreading the disease in Vegas.

  22. #19…

    “…but she may have the worst taste in men of any woman that has ever lived, ever. Except for Eva Braun. And maybe Laura Bush. ”

    Zing !!!!!

  23. deaconjones

    WTF is up with that patch over her nipple??? Its not even a pasty, its like some weird, misshaped extra piece of fabric?? GODDAMN IT, I just wnat to see nips!!!

  24. Boo

    She fixes up nicely; considering the last few photos we’ve seen of her on here (showing her sans makeup) she looked like a weathered road whore with a drinking problem. Here she actually looks kinda cute and normal ( although a little wrinkled…but she looks her age). And she actually toned down the makeup from her usual pancake face. The one thing I can’t stand is the drawn in eyebrows, ick. Oh yeh, and the fake knockers that are way too big for her body type….and her waist isn’t defined like it used to be. Okay; so she ain’t what she used to be (which was gorgeous) but she still looks pretty here.

  25. Damn…even fake tits start to sag when you get old. Good to know.

  26. For real, I wish Pam the best, maybe this is THE one.

  27. Conor S

    There’s a pocket on her shirt that looks very out of place, almost trying to fight its way off her chest

  28. ugh is this it today???

    these will be pretty much the only posts of the day.
    there are funny pics out of xtina looking like an ugly ass big nosed witch,
    and a video of britney being told by some woman to leave LA, and jamie -lynn yelling at the woman.
    that old fag larry craig is being honored by his state, even though he’s a lying piece of trash hypocrit

    the next post will prob be of someone random in a bikini or walking.

    the fish is kind of a slacker.

  29. aja

    Very responsible of her to booze it with hepatits C. her and that Rick Salomon can trade diseases, Herpes for Hep C…so gross. Barf..two disease

  30. Auntie Kryst

    The pics make reminisce for those great Miller Lite ads from a few years ago when she was in a pillow fight. So sweet.

  31. Who has worse hands? Pam Anderson, Madonna, Angelina Jolie, Nicole RIchie or a mummy?
    Where hip-hop and Hollywood collide

  32. PunkA

    Double condomed sex never seemed so bad………..and that is saying something.

  33. adeliza

    Except for Eva Braun. And maybe Laura Bush.

    Rock On!!

  34. veggi

    All I can say is: short-term gain, long-term loss. And of course I’m talking about Anal-Ese. Friday night, after a pitcher of gin and tonic and a couple of percs, I decide to be a daredevil hero for this guy and slathered on the A-E for an hour-long completely uninhibited backdoor assault. Sure, the lidocaine works perfectly…for awhile. 3am I wake up feeling like I sat on a rusty railroad spike. And I regretted being a vegetarian – when the broccoli came out sideways, it felt like shitting razor blades.

    Who’s Pam Anderson?

  35. ssdd

    LOL @ the Drunken old used up sot of a whore posing like she still has “it”..

  36. veggi thinks her troll is beautiful!

    35- god hates you. hahaha!!!! take THAT!!! ooooOOOOooooo!

  37. She's A Tard

    Yeah, this convinces me that she’s pretty much a fucking idiot. Why else would you marry someone who more likely than not has genital herpes (among other STD’s?) I guess she wants to add to her own STD collection. Hey Pammy, ever heard of a petri dish?
    I am working on a theory now that breast implants and lip collagen injections contribute to the loss of hundreds of thousands of brain cells in a patient. With Pammy here as living proof (Courtney Love is another shining example), I don’t see how I can go wrong. I smell Nobel Prize!

  38. Katherine

    Superfish, I like your humor! Funny;)

  39. tight lipped smiler

    Didn’t Porter Wagoner die?

  40. Rachel

    Stop criticizing Britney! You don’t know her! You don’t know what she’s been through!!!

  41. she’s so old looking…

  42. xxraymama

    Who is that creepy guy with her? I thought it was John Tesh at first, but no. Maybe it’s her new father-in-law celebrating the soon to be released wedding night porno of her and Prick Soloman.

  43. lalala

    that guy is Hans Klok, a magician from Holland.

  44. Milandir

    Haufbrau house!

  45. stupid bitches kill me



  46. notbarbarabush

    yeah….those aren’t pasties or patches on her shirt u idiots….THEY ARE POCKETS ON HER SHIRT!!!!!!
    dumbfucks…she looks beat tho

  47. if u wanna drink like a viking you need the natural antidote to the toxicity in alcohol – or look like Pam in the morning i u Don’t take it! Awesome!

  48. P

    Damn I miss the Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas! Bavarian food + beer + music = a fantabulous meal.

  49. Fred

    i never thought it would Hurt to look at her
    phyillis Diller-ish she’s looking now

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