Pamela Anderson doesn’t support Petco

panderson_petco.jpgPamela Anderson has pulled out of Petco’s 40th anniversary convention next week because she refuses to endorse a store that sells live birds and Petco is unwilling to meet her request to stop. In a letter to Petco CEO Kevin Whalen, Pamela said, “I would gladly do the appearance if Petco pledges to end the sale of all birds, big and small, by January 2006.”

This is probably for the best, since I was planning on making my way up to the anniversary convention as well and eating a live calf. I know how sensitive Pamela Anderson can be about animals, so I think seeing me take a bite out of a baby cow and going “Mmm, that’s rare” would rub her the wrong way. You’ve got to admit though, those live baby cows sure are delicious.