Pamela Anderson criticized for using child as fashion accessory

October 14th, 2009 // 73 Comments

Pamela Anderson was simply following the hot, new trend of exploiting children when she used a nine-year-old girl to hold her dress at the Hollywood Style Awards. But it appears some child advocacy groups don’t appreciate fashion. Page Six reports:

One guest told Page Six, “People were genuinely shocked. She didn’t even have her own seat and had to sit at Pamela’s feet, where people nearly stepped on her to get to the stage. The girl looked uncomfortable and kept tugging on her dress to get her attention, but Pamela waved her away.
“Pamela was telling people it was her daughter,” the attendee said. “And, after she presented David LaChapelle with an award onstage, she shouted ‘daughter’ in front of the whole auditorium, and slapped her leg like she was calling a puppy. The girl rushed up to grab her train.”
Adelaide is the daughter of makeup artist to the stars Sharon Gault, who was believed to be at the event.
A spokesman for the Child Labor Coalition said, “I would want to speak to the child to ask her if it is something she willingly did. Nine is very young, and an awards ceremony is a long time for a child to be out holding a dress.” Anderson’s agent, Chris Smith, didn’t get back to us.

Ha ha! Child Labor Coalition thinks this kid survived. That’s precious.


  1. Rebecca

    ha funny considering that pam anderson is all about peta and animal rights. forget about child labor or anything silly like that…

  2. dubba

    …..but shes a rabid advocate for PETA

    twisted diseased bitch

  3. britneysucks

    That’s how all of those PETA retards are. You ask them whether they would rather run their car over a baby turkey or a baby human and they will chose to kill the human. This question was posed and answered on Howard Stern. I would love to see one of those idiots get attacked or eaten by an animal or be in a situation where only a human can save their life.

  4. Bmurphy72

    She would have aged better being a porn star.

  5. Meg

    That is a dress? Maybe the 9 year old made it ,and thats what she’s is holding it.

  6. That is funny. The PETA freak treats a stray dog better than her own kid

  7. marme

    That is fucked up. And that dude in the picture looks like some robot. Sooo fucked up. Thats all I can say. Just fucked lol

  8. Little girl: Are you my mommy?

  9. JADE

    She had to do something for attention. Pam tries to do the outragous so that all eyes are on her. If she dressed and acted normal no one would care and there would only be like one picture of her at the event. She is old and used up looking, normal will not keep her in the news.

  10. ktb ( . )( . )

    Pam is crazy.
    That dress (?) is shitty.
    That kid looks miserable.
    Her real parents are idiots.
    The End.

  11. really?

    Is the kid supposed to carrying the “train” of Pam’s “dress”. It looks like she’s shitting a swath of fabric. Not to mention, the rest looks like she rolled around on a sheet and then stuck it together with some chewing gum and safety pins. Moron.

  12. c2422131

    I wish the Hep C would start to catch up to this cunning stunt.

  13. JoeyJoJo

    Pammy – I guess it’s okay to exploit children rather than animals. Imagine the uproar if that was a trained chimp holding her dress!

  14. Mr.KnowItAll

    What a BEEZY!!!!

  15. JustSaying

    In the first picture the little girl is covering her nose and mouth because she can sell Pamela’s nasty pussy and she is afraid it might be forced into her face.

  16. Pam looks like trash..

    Last week thought I saw you on the street
    Turns out it was a bag of trash
    Just a big ol’ bag of trash
    I thought you looked like a bag of trash!!

  17. EK

    I’m all for not abusing animals and I’m even a vegetarian, but I effing hate PETA. Anyone that’s dragging a child around after 8 should be slapped. Pam should be slapped a thousand times for this. What a self-centered, selfish, tard.

  18. yawn

    her posing is becoming worse than heidi montag.. just smile pam.. smile.

  19. Roody!

    Ugh. Pam Anderson you’re gross. No one wants to see your cha-cha any more so put on a dress that covers it up, will ya? I mean, Tommy Lee isn’t even hitting that any more and that says a lot. Also, that kid looks like she’d rather be at home watching Dora the Explorer or something.

  20. Venom

    Yet another Pam Anderson post. It’s official, you’ve got a thing for hepatitis-infected-50-year-old-tranny-looking-hags.

    Oh yeah and PETA can go suck a horse dick.

  21. Courtyardpigeon

    wow she has amazing legs

  22. Tommy Lee Lee

    Pamela-san need itchy-tan sumbo kick to face!

  23. Eva

    What the heck is she wearing anyway? It looks like rags, ripped and strung together with more rags.

  24. So Right

    She’s losing it. Seriously. She’s all about protecting animals, but exploits a child without a thought. So typical. The truth is this — if you really care about animals, then you should really, really care about children.

  25. gotmilk?

    what i’m more concerned about is the fact that the poor child is face level with Pam’s rotting vagina. who knows what kind of fucking diseases that kid has on her face now.

  26. ONoNotHerAgain

    Not only has Pamela Anderson transformed herself into an ugly hag with manufactured sex appeal, she’s totally revealed her ucking-fay erk-jay-ness underneath.

    What a wilted scumbag.

  27. tracy

    Hey, It’s Stifler’s mom!

  28. heyyou

    actually PETA does not treat stray dogs well. They kill over 90% of animals that go into their shelter.

  29. Max Planck

    Where’s Randal?

    Doesn’t have something to say in affirmation here?

  30. Mercy

    Who is the mannequin standing beside Pam? It’s like Madame Tussauds loaned out some wax dummy that was dressed by toddlers.

  31. Randal

    Because you asked I will comment.

    Pam, it is so awesome to see you out trying to save animals. Had you been on watch, Jessica Simpson’s dog would have never been snatched by that coyote. The coyote would have lain at your feet waiting for you to lie down so it could rub it’s body on your snatch. Because as we all know dogs love to rub up in the nasty smells. It comes from way back when they hunted and the nasty smells would cover their smells and allow them to hunt without being noticed. Dogs everywhere want to know what beaches you will lie at so that they too can rub their fur on your smelly smelly snatch.

    Happy dogs makes PETA happy.


  32. GrammarMenshevik

    Allow me the 94000th person to mention how fucking hypocritical it is of Pamela “Hepatitis McSilicone” Anderson to shill for those numbskulls in PETA while doing something like this.

  33. Jack Hanna

    srsly who keeps inviting Pamela to these shows!?!? It’s like feeding an animal at the zoo. Don’t do it people!!!!

  34. AmberDextrose

    Oh for god’s sake, people. It’s only a child. They’re two a penny in some African states. I’m thinking of buying some as foot rests. My only surprise is that she chose a white one. They’re so whiny.

  35. mel

    uhmmm thats a dress?

  36. betsy

    I have had the misfortune of having to work with Sharon Gault and that woman is psychotic (she’s a joke in the makeup world), it does not surprise me at all that she would allow her child to be treated like that. she bought Adelaide onto set one day (you NEVER bring your kids to set, it’s a big no no) and paraded her around to all the crew like a doll. Sharon LOVES the whole celebrity thing and would have been foaming at the mouth watching her little girl up on stage. it’s so pathetic.


    The stupid hep c infected leg spread slutty whore finds new ways to not only embarrass herself but show herself to be queen of the braindead dumbasses. Keep up the good work, you WHORE…

  38. Sheez, must have been on drugs. I can’t believe the mom allowed this.


  39. lola

    All for show. Sounds like a joke

  40. Galtacticus

    This must be totally akward through the eyes of an innocent kid.

  41. Darth

    Instead of a child using a midget for this would have made it a curiosity circus.

  42. Elle

    This pic speaks volumes, the only one in this pic with any good sense is the child. Pam looks stupid and ridiculous clinging to her 20′s in a sheet she rolled out of bed in and the dude looks like a dumbass. If I was that little girl I would be holding my head in shame too.

  43. Hotbox

    There’s few people on this planet I’ve ever wanted to punch harder than THAT guy.

  44. hateyoufornoreason

    Poor, pathetic Pammy.

  45. Dread not

    She should be criticized for it. Angelina Voight was doing this shit like, how many years ago? And somehow people just kept stepping over the little girl to get their awards, without doing anything to help her. Typical Hollywood reaction. Somebody is exploiting, abusing, manipulating another person who is incapable of helping themselves. Nobody lifts a finger to stop it. Why does that sound familiar?

  46. The kid looks miserable. Why would someone consent to letting their daughter hold the train? This is the weirdest story I’ve read about Pam in a long time.

  47. Girl Unimpressed

    methinks the woman was making a PETA point, treating a child the way people treat dogs – slapping her leg to call her over? hilarious the way people and orgs took the bait so quickly and unthinkingly, lol.

  48. Narcissist

    Get that kid a HazMat suit. Kid Rock has been up in there.

  49. Sabrina

    Obviously there´s something increadibly wrong with her! This just isn´t right!

  50. ToRiMiLi

    That poor little girl looks miserable. WTF were her parents thinking? Why didn’t Pam get one of her own kids to do it? At least then she could have thrown in the whole ” look at me spending time with my kids” angle too.

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