Pamela Anderson celebrates women – by taking her clothes off

Pamela Anderson stripped last night for two sold out performances at the Crazy Horse in Paris. The crowd of over 500 fans paid $300 a pop to get in. Sadly all journalists and photographers were banned. (Sorry, guys!) Pam came on stage in a sheer black body stocking and did her stage bow on the back of a motorcycle. Her performance was an homage to ’50s sex icon Brigitte Bardot who sent Pamela flowers and wished her well. People reports:

Though the Crazy Horse specializes in presenting topless dancers, “It’s a celebration of women,” says Anderson. “It’s done very respectfully, very classy, and it’s a wonderful show for women as well as for men.”
“This isn’t for money,” said Anderson. “It’s just for the love of the art, and the Crazy Horse does it best.”

Whoa there, Pamela Anderson. I don’t go to the strip club to learn about art. I go to do math problems: If Candy is on Pole A, Trixie is on Pole B and The Superficial Writer, who only has $10, is sitting two seats down from Pole B, how many dollar bills does he need to lay down for Candy and Trixie to kiss but still have money left over for his tenth whiskey sour? (Hint: Don’t forget to carry the one.)

Photos: Splash News