Pamela Anderson attends MAC Chinese New Year Party

February 3rd, 2006 // 110 Comments

  1. escapevelocity

    i was wrong. her boobs are bigger than nick lachey’s new funbag.

  2. ZaZ

    Where can I get a necklace that looks like a big sperm?

  3. escapevelocity

    looks like the photographer was trigger-happy.

  4. gossipmonger

    Posted by ZaZ on February 3, 2006 02:01 PM

    Where can I get a necklace that looks like a big sperm?

    She was wearing a necklace??

  5. escapevelocity

    her boobs look weird in the last photo. reminds me of schwarzenneger’s butt’s yesteryears, all muscled up.

  6. snang

    She’s just gross now. She lost her appeal to me a long time ago. She’s not aging well. I have a feeling she’ll be 70, wrinkly with a giant rack, and trying to do her make up like a racoon to try and make herself look halfway decent.

    It’s like all she has to work with is her slutiness.


  7. Geno

    She’s one classy lady.

  8. WillJay

    Since she and Jordan have boobs that are about the same age, will they enroll them in the same pre-school?

  9. Lavis

    How does she not tip over?

  10. Aimtrue

    Ok, it took me a few minutes to get past the giant orbs o’fun to discover the necklace. It is not sperm. It is a vagina-an old petrified vagina. I’m not saying whose it is but those things are not Everready batteries that keep going and going and going. Lastly, if her chest fails as a personal floatation safety device, the lips can fill in.

  11. thenewjesus

    What better way to kick of the Year of the Dog?

  12. chilichz

    that’s not a necklace, that’s her twat gasping for oxygen since her boobs stole it all! I’m all for nice boobs, but good looks like 2 planets about to collide in War of the Worlds!

  13. hafaball

    She must keep thinking we forgot she has boobs. So I say we start a clothing line of shirts that says, “Pamela Anderson has Big Breasts.” Then she’d dress like a regular person, and her kids could stop getting asked by strange men if they could have their mom’s number.

  14. escapevelocity

    #9: that necklace is an amulet to keep her from tipping over. let’s not forget that she was also probably wearing 10-pound heels/clogs/stilettos (whatever you call ‘em), so that almost balances out the weight of her chest.

  15. escapevelocity

    first pic: whoa, that guy’s milking her cow tits.

  16. spamnews

    I like that her lip is so puffed up it is touching her nose. Nice calogen job.

  17. PapaHotNuts

    Happy New Year China! Hepatitis for everyone!! WHEEEE!!! I want to fuck that big dragon over there. Where’s Jackie Chan?? I want to fuck him too!! WHEEE!! Why are all the Chinese people squinting at me?? My tits must be blinding them!! I’m an idiot. Please don’t kill the animals! We need them for scientific testing on how to cure Hepatitis. Happy New Year!!

  18. LaydeeBug

    Gawd, just when I am getting to like and respect her again, pow, right in the kisser. Ok, three things: 1) Let your eyebrow grow back and look like a human 2) Stop wearing so much black eye makeup and baby pink lipstick and look like a human. 3) Start looking like a human again, please. she has so much potential. She is 38 at the most and she looks 50 fa christ’s sake.

  19. QuiteFrog

    Now Now ya’ll gotta remember, once a Playboy Playmate always a Playboy Playmate…no one complained about her boobage then. LOL

  20. It looks like the hand is trying to give er’ a squeeze there in pic number 1.

    Wow does Pamela Anderson look like a leather face now.

  21. Binky

    Hummm…I thought she was just the voice of a cartoon character…

  22. Geno

    More importantly: Mariah Carey, Nicole Richie, Pamela Anderson or that More Cowbell T-shirt chick? I’d pick Mariah. But that’s just me….everyone else?

  23. LaydeeBug

    hafaball you killed me with that comment. Oh does anyone notice that in the last two pic’s she looks like someone from “The Bird Cage?” Tranny anyone?

  24. I thought she got those things reduced a few years ago?

  25. Sheva

    I thought she had gone in for a smaller remodeling. Well can’t a girl change her mind.

    No doctor give me the bigger silicone ones. She was quite beautiful when she was young. Now she’s looking haggard and that black makeup ain’t helping matters. It makes it worse.

    She’s gone in for bigger SUVs and it isn’t saving her career or her shelf life. Yuch.

  26. Sheva

    Oops I missed the stupid botoxed upper lip. Yeah, that looks good. Puke.

  27. Is it just me, or is she starting to look like Farrah Fawcett? And I don’t mean hot Charlies Angels Farrah, I mean Farrah today.

  28. Lord_Jesus

    STD or not, I would throw on a jim and hit her all angles.. Viagra and Budlights for that a massive 4 hour long gorilla romp with her.

  29. quibbles_quaint

    Am I the only person concerned that those crazy talons of hers are going to pop the boobage? Watch out, innocent bystanders!

  30. LoneWolf

    Must be The Year Of The Watermelon.

    I was just saying that she’s one of those chicks who doesn’t realize that her best days are behind are her.

    She looks like she’s been rode hard and put up wet.

  31. sammygirl

    Her boobs are dented in that last photo. Nice work plastic surgeon.

  32. Mary45

    VIVA GLAM…. I mean slam… sorry!

  33. inspector11

    You know, there is a time and place to discuss the merits and safety of breast augmentation, but this is not it. I’d rather discuss her surgery’s affects on the quality of motorboat sounds one makes in between those two sweatermelons.

  34. Whatup

    I wouldn’t even screw her with Jordan’s dick!

  35. yikes542

    She’d be so much hotter if her rack was bigger.

    And just for the record, becaue I don’t know how to post a comment on your “I Watch Stuff” thread — The Superficial is waaay funnier than that site.

    Now shave your balls, bitch.

  36. ferret1

    Judging by her expression in the last 2 photos, I’d say that dude with the face paint just cornholed her stupid (well, stupider).

  37. The Devil

    Yes, Pamela Anderson! I love news reports like this. It’s a nice break in the day.

  38. lysistrata11

    I Watch Stuff was pretty damn disappointing.

    Get out the razor cause Fluffy’s gonna be losin some fluff.

  39. CheekyChops

    Too bad she wasn’t on that cruise ship in Egypt. Her two floatation devices could have saved a lot of people.

  40. LaydeeBug

    Oh Geno, that More Cowbell chick is just irritating. Get that ugly skag off the screen please. I’d rather see a baboon’s ass.

  41. bone_daddio

    actually that necklace is a specialized piercing Pamela uses to keep her labia from dragging on the floor.

  42. Sebastian De La Ghetto

    Geno i too would knock mariah down over the other three broads. mariah has all sorts of squishy places for me to defile.

  43. jenjen

    Is it just me or is Pam’s face morphing into a likeness of Suzanne Somers in that last pic. Maybe it’s just the fact that you can fit a Thighmaster in between those flotation devices.

  44. I wonder what she looks like without all that makeup on? No eyebrows and Mr Potato Head lips…scary!

  45. ESQ

    Response to #33: I am right there with you…
    She is smokin’ to me. I think so much of her that I wrote her a letter telling her everything I would like to do to her and sent it to her house…coming soon Pam’s new sex tape that I would proudly show.

  46. BobMarleysDead

    The last photo actually shows her implants rippling. No plastic surgeon can stop this from happening. With saline implants, you can overfill the implant shell by about 10% of its capacity to prevent it but most women still get rippling. Her plastic surgeon did a great job even if they’re bigger Tiffani Amber Thiessen’s head.

  47. Cosmopolitan

    It’s just frightening that her boobs look exactly like an ass – same size and all.

  48. Cosmopolitan

    It’s just frightening that her boobs look exactly like an ass – same size and all.

  49. ESQ

    I tuned in to “I Watch Stuff,” start shaving Fluffy. That is unfunny, boring craptacular crap about crap I could care less about crap.

  50. PostAcidYouth

    my god, that’s disturbing

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