Pamela Anderson Attacks Jennifer Lopez, Fur

Pamela Anderson claims fur manufacturers are lavishing pelts on “clueless celebrities” in a bid to promote a comeback.

“They’re desperate for a fur ‘comeback’ so they throw their pelts at any clueless celebrity, like Diddy or J.Lo, who’ll wear whatever is free. Seriously, a fur coat just adds 20 years and 20 pounds to you, and if you get rained on you smell like a wet dog.”

Unless you consider nudity a viable alternative to fur, I don’t know if Pamela Anderson is the best spokesperson for the anti-fur campaigners. Shouldn’t she be doing ads for hair-dye, or silicone, or dental dams? You’d think the fur people would get someone like Chewbacca. Or Robin Williams. That guy’s hairy as hell.