Pamela Anderson Attacks Jennifer Lopez, Fur

November 16th, 2005 // 6 Comments

Pamela Anderson claims fur manufacturers are lavishing pelts on “clueless celebrities” in a bid to promote a comeback.

“They’re desperate for a fur ‘comeback’ so they throw their pelts at any clueless celebrity, like Diddy or J.Lo, who’ll wear whatever is free. Seriously, a fur coat just adds 20 years and 20 pounds to you, and if you get rained on you smell like a wet dog.”

Unless you consider nudity a viable alternative to fur, I don’t know if Pamela Anderson is the best spokesperson for the anti-fur campaigners. Shouldn’t she be doing ads for hair-dye, or silicone, or dental dams? You’d think the fur people would get someone like Chewbacca. Or Robin Williams. That guy’s hairy as hell.


  1. conceitedhipster

    Where does Pam Anderson get off calling ANYONE clueless?

  2. MortyFishbein

    What’s up with that photo of her? This picture has to be next to the word ‘clueless’ in the dictionary. Or she could’ve been the double for this picture.

  3. derekd

    Heard she was bangin’ Mark Mcgrath of whats-their-face. She really has a thing for washed up rock stars.

  4. Zanathon

    People actually throw their beavers at Diddy and J-Lo???

    Uhg, that’s just, ew!

    Tom Jones has it much better. Fans throw their panties at him. He then collects them all up and donates them to the Paris Hilton Foundation. That charity then delivers the used panties to all the underaged prostitutes in South East Asia. It’s such a good cause.

  5. dude, have y’all seen the video linked to on the right. shows CATS and DOGS being skinned alive for fur. f*ck j cruel and the other a**es who sell it. seriously watch this video: not to be cliche, but it’ll change your life.

  6. Alison is Awesome

    Man, how does she get her hair so shiney? I think we all know that’s the REAL crime against nature.

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