Pamela Anderson at the Los Angeles Hard Rock Cafe

March 28th, 2006 // 87 Comments

  1. PostAcidYouth

    I just threw up in my mouth a little bit….

  2. julema

    her tits are too much high!
    She should get breast reduction…
    She should change her style (hair, make up, dress)
    Pam,Look at your friend Carmen Electra ( who is a lot more pretty and aging better!) she dress more classy and shes not always showing her fake boobs!

  3. gsprescueguy

    Her body looks good, but if you get to close, I’m sure something in there will kill you.

    Her face is looing rough…..too bad.

  4. hot_stewie

    Did she dye her nipples? They were never this dark shade of brown. What a nasty slut!

  5. Italian Stallion

    Wait a minute.
    Whats that white stuff on my Laptop?
    I can’t believe that just happened, I didn’t even realize it.

  6. krisdylee

    Gee, now I’ll have a nightmare about giant boobs coming after me….

  7. Spacedog

    Like a tight zeppelin race. The Spacedog never gets tired of this.

  8. PostAcidYouth

    whatever happened to proportion…

  9. her boobie has a black eye…

  10. Don'tPanic

    It’s a shame she insists on being so damn slutty, she really is a beautiful woman. She looks much much better in the photos where her make-up is minimal and her hair isn’t sky-high.

  11. It looks like she’s wearing a pasty under her shirt.

    Oh, I figured the Superficial crowd would appriciate this. An actual commercial from the 70′s for a product that doesn’t exist anymore….for obvious reasons.

  12. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    Now THAT’s the sexiest woman alive. Wait, did I say sexy? I meant breastastic. And of course by “woman”, I mean meth-addicted biker-bait. Breastastic biker bait, something like Jessica Rabbit but less bourgeois.

  13. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    Haters! You know that’s nice brah!!

    I love the Pam. She’s a “sex kitten”, that’s why she behaves that way. At least she’s not burdening us with raintings about how she wants to be taken seriously.

    She looks like she has a sense of humour, her hair and face are sweet and crazy, she’s an all-around gorgeous cartoon woman.

    Plus she’s a PETA rep. Sure those guys are out of control, but you have to give 150% in order to achieve 30% in this crazy ass world.

    Plus she’s from BC, like me, so by distant extension I am hot too.

    MMmmmm, me.

  14. TaiTai

    You guys, stop being so mean to poor Pam. This is totally taken out of context. She has worked so hard to kick that heroin addiction and I’m sure it was a total accident that you can see her boobs through her shirt and this was all just one small part of a longer day of exposing herself at various charity events and Silent Bob is just trying to make a bigger point….oh wait, sorry, wrong thread, my bad.

  15. A2Bcom

    Ahhh the Pam! Hmmmmmm. Heaven!

  16. PapaHotNuts

    A major side effect of Hepatitis is a brown discoloration of the nipple and areola.

    I completely made that up.

    God, I love tits.

  17. hendero

    Is that Billy Joel behind her in the 2nd pic? Given her penchant for musicians, and his penchant for totally fucked-up women, they could be a match made in heaven.

  18. OOOOH, Yes! I love her boobs so much! And it’s great that someone as hot as she still is can hang around with those Dorks at P.E.T.A.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for treating animals good, but I don’t want to be represented by Dorks who throw around paint and flour on people…

    Buy my DVDs!!!

  19. LoneWolf

    Is hair loss a side effect of hep C treatments? Her forehead is sitting higher than her breasts are. Her hairline is receding faster than her career is. Her…never mind, I think you get the point.

  20. It’s cute when washed up and ugly actresses try to be sexy. XD

  21. How tragic. Can anyone in Hollywood grow old gracefully? Is erasing a few lines or defying gravity worth any and all semblance of humanity? They ought to term this Jocelyn Wildenstein Syndrome or something. Pam probably has a portrait of herself that’s just decrepit, a la Dorien Gray. Another Mamie Van Doren on the way, an eighty year old with perky breasts. I saw a pic of her from her first Playboy spread – she was only recognizeable by her eyes. She’s had so much work done trying to look plastic that she’s rendered herself another person entirely. She does make Hep-C look inviting, though.

  22. Pamela Anderson has had more work than the Help Wanted ads.

    But I will give her credit because she’s been one of the most downloaded women on the Internet for 10 years! That

  23. The nipplage is to distract people from the fact that she doesn’t know how to write her own name.

  24. ESQ

    She did not do a kid check before she left the house? You know when you ask your son or daughter how do I look in this outfit? OR the kids are just so used to seeing their mother like that and figure, “Well she is dressed after all.”

  25. HughJorganthethird

    Wow look, Pam Anderson’s nipples. Never seen those before. Next.

    Pam your so fucking hot (said in Tommy Lee voice as he honks horn with huge penis)

  26. oshkoshb-goshdammgosh

    No one even tries to take pictures of her face anymore.

  27. what’s the space between pam anderson’s boobs called?

    the silicon valley…

  28. Douchebag1

    It’s over, Pammy. Over. I wouldn’t even post you on my blog anymore even if Kid Rock was standing next to you.


    Because while he’s a douchebag, you ain’t even hot anymore. Hag.

  29. gardeniagirl

    WHAT is that shiny bubble like band of tan skin on her forehead???you know,that is NOT a look that is going to work when she’s…ummm…42….i say this because i’m not so sure it’s really even working NOW.

  30. Jayne

    HARD ROCK cafe


  31. It’s not hard to make your nipples show through a top whilst wearing a bra if your bra is see-through…

  32. MystressJade

    #9 I think I just got a black eye from opening these pics…Her tits are out of control.

  33. gogoboots

    I’m not even sure how she can stand with those gazongas. She looks a little drunk in the second picture…haha!

  34. supertwink

    #28 – you’re talking to the picture of Pam like she can hear you. She can’t hear you bro…. And by the way douchebag1, your, uh “blog” is retarded.

  35. M@ce

    If I was a small, plastic, baby who could drink silicone breast milk, I would so have a teeny little chubber right now…

    Hell, who am I kidding…I have a teeny little chubbie right now anyway. And by, “little chubbie” I of course mean, Thunderous Man-stick.

  36. Bellisima

    #13 PETA!!! Give me a break! Those boots do not look they are made out of plastic or vinyl nooooooo they are made out of LEATHER and for those who are not sure.. leather comes from animals. It is their skin and it is not removed humanely so it can grow back later. Look at her pics and check out her purses etc. They are LEATHER.She is such a hypocrate and besides she looks like an old tranny and not even a good one! Her dick is probably bigger than Kid Rock’s!

  37. suzy

    ^^^ kid rock has a dick??? news to me

    and I didn’t know Pamela owned a bra!

  38. xd

    god she’s sooo hot!! I don’t care what ppl say… maybe she was much hotter a few years ago but she’s still very hot.
    and that’s pretty easy to do LOL… just wear a see-thru bra with a white top that is somehow also a little see-thru (like the one Pam’s wearing) and your nipples will show.

  39. tits_on_snack

    Imagine what she would look like if she stopped bleaching her hair, toned down the clown makeup to a nice neutral, natural glow, and removed the bulbous freakshow implants. She might actually be good looking.

  40. tits_on_snack

    also, #36 – even if the boots are pleather or plastic or any other kind of synthetic material – it all comes from oil products. Yes, lets use MORE petroleum products! Because that’s so much better than using an animal’s hide. That way, instead of killing one animal for it’s skin, we can kill millions of animals by siphoning non-renewable resources from the earth, bulldozing forests and laying down pipelines, destroying the environments they live in, and polluting the world with non-biodegradable shit that we throw away after wearing for one season while its in style.

  41. InsomniActress

    Okay, I know what NSFW means, but what is LSFW?

  42. krisdylee

    She was good looking a loooong time ago when she was “discovered” in Vancouver. Cute with brown hair, nothing like this mammiferous Barbie-like plastic freak, chock full of man-made silicon hybrid of woman parts mixed with space-aged plastics, collagen, botox and what have you…. I think her tits are bionic.

    okay, I’m done.

  43. krisdylee

    Hey, tits_on_snack, well said… Love you!!

  44. PostAcidYouth

    round of applause for tits_on_snack

  45. PostAcidYouth

    round of applause for tits_on_snack

  46. chiris

    Door may swing and hit some boobs

  47. happy_bunny

    That thing where you say a thing is, for instance, awesome, and by awesome you mean very not awesome; that’s just ever-so witty and original. And by witty and original I mean way the fuck overplayed.

  48. happy_bunny

    And don’t even get me started on, “I just threw up in my mouth a little.” How many years ago was “Dodgeball” in theaters?

  49. jennypee

    #25, that killed me.

    Tommy’s cow got out of the barn again, ma, and it’s honking the frigging horn!

    That video was classic.

  50. How is the second picture after the jump less work safe?

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