Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee not engaged

panderson_denies.jpgPamela Anderson has denied reports that she is set to re-marry Tommy Lee for a third time. Rumors had been circulating that she was to marry later this week, with details of a black diamond engagement ring, and reports that friends had been told to put the event in their datebooks. However, according to MSNBC, Pamela has denied she is going to re-marry Tommy.

“There is absolutely no truth to the recent tabloid reports Tommy Lee and I are engaged and getting married. I have two beautiful children with Tommy and I will continue to be close friends and supportive of him.”

Even though she’s about the dumbest blonde you can think of, it’s nice to know that Pamela Anderson has at least a little bit of sense in her. Heck, she even turned down my offer to star in Back Alley Porno Girls 6. I guess when you’ve reached whatever age she is, you learn to love and respect yourself too much to get back together with a wife beater, or to do shady pornography shoots in the dark alley behind 7-11. Although I think if I call her fat and ugly a few more times, I can lower her self-esteem and get her to reconsider. I mean it’s not everyday you get offered the role of Bambi, the back alley prostitute who gives blowjobs in exchange for anal sex.