Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock finally have sex

September 20th, 2006 // 72 Comments


    And the world is complete. Yay.


    And the world is complete. Yay.

  3. MollyPoo

    I don’t think these two should breed.

  4. krisdylee

    Cletus McStumpydick and his set of boobs, er, wife, will obviously stop at nothing to make me vomit.

  5. pinky_nip

    They are at a fair! How perfectly white-trashish!

  6. MollyPoo

    Why is she wearing her terry cloth bath wrap out in public? And why is he wearing shower shoes? And is it just me, or does it look like the honeymoon’s already over for these two?

  7. Yeah, and if my aunt had a dick, she’d be my uncle!

  8. honeycomb's_big_yeahyeahyeah

    I love Pam, but I think she had missed her Hepatitus medicine, ’cause she’s looking awful yeller. And that Kid Rock looks like one of the feral children from Road Warrior, all grown up.

    I don’t have anything witty to say, I just like making random mean observations about people’s appearance because it makes me feel better about my lack of married-yaught-sex-on-a-pile-of-hundred-dollar-bills life.

  9. jrzmommy

    Not pregnant yet! Excuse me now, I gotta clean up the vomit all over my desk.

    Their kid(s), the SPFs and Anna Nicole’s daughter will make one big happy Special Ed class.

  10. reflight

    I’m just glad she got her 50-50 tickets before the drawing.

  11. Italian Stallion

    I’m glad to see she bought tickets for the “wheel go round” before they ran out………….

  12. BigJim

    Will somebody please hold down Kid Rock while I give him a vasectomy with a rusty tin can lid?

    I like to give natural selection a hand wherever I can. Yay, Darwin!

  13. Italian Stallion

    LOL at 10, get out of my mind……..

  14. magickal

    Wow, he must really love her to be willing to contract her Hep C. Then again, that’s probably the least of the diseases he’s carrying and she probably already gave it to him during their first go ’round. Can you imagine what the mediciine cabinet in THAT house must look like????????? They are both disgusting as hell, and, I agree – any demon spawn they breed will undoubtedly be swimming in the shallow end of the gene pool.

  15. reflight

    Shit, wait a sec. Those are the ride tickets Kid gave her for the first time…

    Damn, if she rates that many, imagine what the Tilt-A-Whirl costs.


  16. reflight

    Stallion – I’m gonna go shower now.

    It’s not you, bro. It’s the thought of Kid clutching a wad of tickets and asking if he can go again.

    Please Mommy Please?

  17. reflight

    And again, the Fly goggles are getting passed around.

    Bono should get a licensing fee.

  18. Italian Stallion

    Maybe they are tickets to the dunking booth. “Gather up children, it’s time for ya bath’s”……………

  19. jrzmommy

    That’s one hell of a camouflage hat he’s wearing…fucking redneck.

  20. commissioner

    You think the hat’s redneck? Look at his fucking HOUSESHOES! She might be Canadian, but she’s got some backwoods hillbilly blood coursing through her veins if she’s okay with a mullet-headed, houseshoe wearing white trash piece of shit.

  21. hisforalways

    And in other news: Kid Rock Contracts Hepatitis C.

  22. I have wanted to hit that since the day I was old enough to walk. But there’s no way it would be worth the Hep.

    PLUS – how do you satisfy a woman after she has been with Tommy Lee? It would be like throwing a pencil down a well. I would have to slap it from side to side just so she would know I was there.

  23. jrzmommy


  24. Samuel L. Jackson

    Isn’t this like 8 year old news?

  25. mrs.t

    I always find myself scrutinizing her inner thigh area, looking for dripping fluids. Anyone else?

  26. clamofdeath

    it was a medical thing. a silicone plug had formed in her vagina after years of ginormous leaky implants. kid rock thought it was an ipod and didn’t want to break it.

  27. @23- Especially if you have a little Ferret dick… Ha! Ha!

    Am I right people???

  28. That is MR. Little Ferret Dick to you.

  29. PaisleyMoon

    Kid Rock shaves his legs?

  30. By consumated she means anal followed by ass-to-mouth. Those two romantics. As for Kid Rock not being afraid of contracting Hep-C, if you recall Pam only announced she had the Hep AFTER her initial fling with Kid – not after years of marriage with Tommy Lee. So, in my mind, the jury’s still out as to who gave who the liver-buster. The only thing I am sure of is that she didn’t contract it thru a dirty tattoo needle. A filthy, disease-riddled cock is more likely the culprit. Kid Rock’s C-and-B (cock and ball) set probably resembles an apple fritter that’s been left out in the rain and picked at by birds and snails. Yum. And Pam’s crotch smells like Red Lobster after an electrical outage and a field trip of retarded adults with loose bowel syndrome.

  31. His penis is probably still attached, although that made me think of the news story we ran about the man who got confused and cut off his penis thinking it was a chicken’s neck, and then his dog ate it. Makes Pam and Kid not having sex almost seem possible.

  32. jrzmommy

    If you’re heppy and you know it act like whitetrash!

    If you’re heppy and you know it act like whitetrash!

    If you’er heppy and you know it and you want your mullet to show it, if you’re heppy and you know it act like whitetrash!

  33. jane's eyre

    Does any else see a similarity between SNL’s Rachel Dratch and Kid Rock?

  34. cv

    “More than a month after getting married, Pamela Anderson has announced on her official website that she and Kid Rock have slept together.”

    Translation: we have been having sex for weeks and I finally got out of bed to post something about it for the horndogs out there.

  35. Jacq

    There is a spare penis in Taiwan that no one is using. Four inches sound good?

  36. Jacq

    How many threads will contain an ATM reference? Please say all of them…

  37. Did I just have sex with Pam Anderson or a barrel?


  38. Poor Kid. First he loses career and now his dignity. Wait, which came first?

  39. Jacq

    #37 – My bad – it’s in China…

  40. reesestet

    To get pregnant one must have unprotected sex. To have unprotected sex with a hep carrier is just plain stupid. If she was broke, not perfected with plastic surgery and worked in a factory somewhere Kid Rock,and every other man for that matter, would not give her a second thought!!

  41. Wow pamela is sttill good looking,

  42. Zahra

    The only way to get Hep C is through unprotected ANAL sex. Straight vaginal sex is safe.

  43. HollyJ

    She and Britney must be related.

    On a Hep C website:
    Hepatitis C is most often spread through contaminated blood, but you don

  44. jrzmommy

    come come now, she got it from tainted seafood.

    speaking of tramp stamps…..has anyone seen the topless-taken-from-the-back photos of cindy crawford’s 5-year old daughter modeling with a (hopefully fake) tattoo on her back? class-say.

  45. They both look like they just took a good long soak in the biohazard hot tub on board the good ship Men’s Urinal. Somebody please give them some decent clothing and street shoes and call Haz-Mat.

  46. Amy3000

    @ number 44…are you fucking retarded?, Hep C can be contracted via sharing needles, sharing bills/straws while sniffing coke or other snortables,blood transfusions from unscreened blood, dirty tattoo needles and any kind of unprotected sex, not just Anal sex you DipShit. Did you know you can also contract it by sharing a toothbrush or shaving razor with an infected person?…hell, you can even contract it if you have a cut in your mouth and they cum inside it. One word for you #44 “RESEARCH” geez this site brings out the local fucktards eh?

  47. Amy3000

    and in response to jrzmommy’s (#46) post about Cindy Crawford’s Daughter modelling with that tatty…here is the link so you can see for yourselves. He said it best Class-say.

  48. jrzmommy

    you can also get it by having too many wedding ceremonies.

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