Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock are married

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  1. EdnasGayLover

    Do you, Cleetus, take Lurlene to be your wife?

  2. Now there’s a marriage that is certain to last the test of time…

  3. hendero

    wow, I hope on my wedding day my bride starts face licking 14 year olds, because that is so sexy

  4. rolson


  5. Hopeless_Screenwriter

    Yaaaaaaaaaawn! Morning.

  6. mmurph7

    Is that Courtney Love?!!?

  7. Best wishes! But I don’t get the idea of having 4 planned weddings in different locations? So that would mean they can’t be divorced right away if problems arises between the two because each state has different grounds for divorce. That would keep them together for a long time, I think.

  8. Doxes

    Why is she dry humping the guests?

  9. mw

    #6– I think it is Courtney Love!! Damn she looks better than Pam, from that distance anyway. hahah

  10. Brokeneyes

    OMG…when did courtney love get that skinny???!!!

  11. saltpeanuts

    Wasn’t she the one-time Captain of Tommy Lee’s dingy.

  12. lookequaldeceptive

    Worst choice of wedding grown ever!

  13. purplepuppy

    Yikes! That reminds me of the episode of “My Name Is Earl” when Joy and Darnell get married, which was sadly more classy than what was pictured here. Hmmm, I really don’t know what else to say. Except, I’m sure they will have a long and happy marriage, and I’ll look like an idiot for ever making fun.

  14. von don strut

    Wow, you’re right.
    They went all out to keep this a classy affair.
    I mean Pam humping the guests was the cherry on top.

  15. ValeWolf

    That’s just nasty. I prefer more of Mel’s sugar tits, or Jessica’s dad talking about hers.

  16. jFp

    you just can’t get the trailer-trash out of some people no matter where you take them

  17. lucycharms

    That pink bikini top is struggling!!!

    Who is that dude she is strattling & the young kid she is licking?

    It’s like the Beverly Hillbillies go to St. Tropez

  18. Lynnr

    I can only imagine what she will wear at her next 3 weddings….see through netting, latex perhaps…

  19. DancingQueen

    I like how even the guests had the decency to wear clothes in the first pictures yet Pam and Bob didn’t. Ticky-tacky.

  20. Reid

    “Hey, I caught the bouquet! Oh, and Chlamydia.”

  21. RichPort

    Uhhhhhh, I thought you were supposed to fuck the bride just before she walks down the aisle, in the coat room, not after she’s already pledged her love to Gomer Pyle.

  22. jamiew

    Did she get this ring?

    It is the biggest of its kind in the world.

  23. @ 20 – hilarious as usual Reid.

  24. Italian Stallion

    I heard the squirrel jerky was the highlight of the appetizer’s………

  25. Remember a few months back when that video of Scott Stapp and Bob “Kid Rock” Richie was released. I thought THAT was classy…Oh, and remeber that little pet midget that Kid Rock used to have, his name was Joe C. I threw an ice cube at him at a concert and he hid behind an amplifier for the rest of the show. I know he is looking down from Midget Heaven and smiling…

  26. I still have a soft spot for Pammy. Even if this whole deal is ridiculous.

  27. jFp

    notice in all these pictures that people are standing all around her but NONE of them are looking at her or her “parts”.

    it’s like she is trying really really hard to get someone to notice her. I bet they all showed up for the free beer.

  28. Oh and 50 bucks says they don’t make it to the third wedding.

  29. Toonlite

    AHhhhhhhhhhh….That’s so beautiful….oh what the f**k….I thought it was somebody else….this thing reeks D-I-V-O-R-C-E……see in a couple of years Pammy

  30. HollyJ

    come an’ listen to ma story bout a skank named pam
    poor porno chick really loved to give some head
    then one day she was ridin’ on Kid’s tube
    and up from his schlong came a bubblin’ crude…

    giz, that is… Kid’s load, Pammy’s tea…

  31. jane's eyre

    @17 The Beverly Hillbillies were just simple country folk, but at least they were decent people.

    Pam & Kid are neither. Except Pam. She’s cuntry, all right.

  32. Susana

    classy classy classy can’t believe she is so classy. Why are u wondering if I am crazy?! What makes u call Santa Claus crazy man?

  33. Spunkbubble on J. Alba's chest

    Old, skanky, whatever, but that picture where she’s bending over looks nice. I know she’s had more work done than one of michelangelo’s sculptures but then again there are people who actually fuck plastic devices so whats wrong with fucking some plastic with a heartbeat?

  34. When Tommy & Pam acted shocked about their sex tape coming out and then you see this, you have to wonder…

  35. SaSsY



  36. YoMamma

    Now, Im no June Cleaver…but DAMN. She is one nasty mom. Those kids are going to be so screwed up.
    “Hey guys you see me mom over there…the one on the right with her tits out. The classless lady licking that kid. Yeah, isnt she great?”

  37. endometriorama

    who the hell is she on top of in the second to last picture??? surely that is not kid rock.

    and i don’t think that’s courtney love. i wish it was.

  38. this is exactly how i picture my wedding will be — classy classy classy!

  39. BIMBO the Monkey


    kiiiiih kich kiiiiiiiich kich
    kich kiiiiiiiich
    kich kiiiich kich kich!!!!!

  40. ob1

    Funk this skanky ho. Everybody’s seen this trash, but have you seen this?

  41. ob1

    It’s Courtney Cox for those of you “special” people.

  42. Hopeless_Screenwriter

    @39 Bimbo the monkey

    I completely agree. She is a complete waste of monkey sperm.

  43. jane's eyre

    As you are not insulting yourself, I have to assume that you’re the real hopeless.

    Pop quiz:
    Whose closet do we love to party in?

  44. lisad71

    I think the 14 yo is Kid’s kid, Bob Jr.

  45. CMonster0125

    What’s going on with the pink bikini bottom? It looks like she either crapped herself, or someone had just finished “thanking the bride” for the wedding invitation.

  46. Four Weddings and an Arsenal (of Antibiotics)

  47. Hopeless_Screenwriter

    The party moved from the closet to the bedroom to the living room. Your monkey is outside with Hannoush’s rocket launcher. Zanna put a bumper sticker on Hannoush’s camel’s ass that reads “My other car is a Habib Van.” Hannoush is pissed. As you can see things are getting a little out of hand. krisdy is still swinging her red nipple tassles, so I think all will be well as long as we locate a monkey shrink before he blows up the house.

    Does that answer your question.

    P.s. The dress is looking awesome!!


  48. Fugurself

    Conversation between Pam and Kid:

    Pam: I don’t understand U
    Kid: U don’t understand me. What else do we have in common?
    Pam: Don’t ever ask me to choose between you and happiness. Becos I’d choose U every time.

  49. jane's eyre

    Yes, that about does it. =)

  50. jrzmommy

    An extremely elegant affair, I see, complete with balloons.

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