UPDATE: Pamela Anderson and George Clooney might be dating

January 26th, 2007 // 128 Comments

Pamela Anderson and George Clooney are supposedly a couple after the two were spotted having a romantic dinner date together. Clooney booked a private room at the Valley Inn restaurant in California recently, and the night ended with Anderson sitting on his lap and whispering in his ear. Since then the two have been inseparable, even walking their dogs together. A source says:

“George and Pam have been determined to keep this one quiet.”

With all the selection George Clooney has to choose from you’d think he’d aim a little higher than Pamela Anderson. Ten years ago it would’ve made sense but now it’s just perplexing. It’d be like going to a fancy restaurant and turning down the filet mignon to eat a used condom instead.

UPDATE George Clooney is denying the date ever happened, claiming he hasn’t seen Pamela Anderson in seven years and hasn’t even been to that restaurant before. Although he also once claimed I wasn’t devilishly good looking, so I don’t know what to believe any more.


  1. ladywillow


  2. Me

    I agree ???????????????????????

  3. ladywillow

    Why the heck would he do that?

  4. Nando

    “…turning down the filet mignon to eat a used condom instead.”


  5. BarbadoSlim

    I didn’t know Cloontang was such a Venereal Disease enthusiast.

  6. Just shows how old both of them are.

  7. George’s taste in beards is getting decidedly outlandish these days.

  8. Sissy McLoser

    Hey George, fuck her in the ass, we all did!

  9. Tulgeyhat13

    Are her nipples mad of concrete or is she just always cold?

  10. Chemicakitty

    I realise that George’s pet pig recently died, but isn’t it a tad rash of him to go out and try to replace Max so quickly?

  11. Sissy McLoser:

    Well, there might be some problems with that…

  12. scienceguy

    Pamela is like a fart in an elevator. You can recoil, rock back on your heels and hope for the balm of death, but she still lingers on.

  13. This is part of George’s brilliant plan to date a different woman every night to throw off the invading pop press.

  14. Sissy McLoser

    How so Rick?

  15. iburl

    Who wouldn’t want to put his swollen member where Tommy Lee, Brett Michaels, and “Kid Rock” had theirs? Uh…. Me!

  16. Let’s just say that Pamela might not be the only one inclined to a bit of rear entry.

  17. Sissy McLoser

    George is a fudge packer?

  18. RichPort

    Yea, George Clooney is our generation’s Rock Hudson…

  19. rick mcginnis


  20. mudslinger

    oh the stank!!

  21. Sissy McLoser

    I don’t think anyone was addressing you Richport.

  22. misanthrope

    “George and Pam have been determined to keep this one quiet.” Um, make that George wants to keep it quiet. George is slumming for sure, but he ain’t the fricken sex pot everyone seems to think he is. All that smirking, seemingly uncontrollable head shaking and liberal bullshit is taking it’s toll on him. Why doesn’t Pam just do porn professionally and get it over with? She’s more porn-ish than the porn crowd.

  23. RichPort

    I justed ejaculated all over comment 21…

  24. Chemicakitty

    #12 – Do you spend all your time in elevators smelling the farts of D-list celebutards?!

  25. Sissy McLoser

    22 You like to fight with people you don’t know.
    Put your thumb and index finger on your forehead in an L shape and run along.

  26. RichPort

    Good thing I’m so virile… I just came on comment 24 too!

    You addressed me first cupcake…

  27. misanthrope

    @25… Uh, I don’t like to fight with people I don’t know, but it seems you do.

  28. radically4peace

    Her nipples are totally in the wrong place. Hooray for boob jobs!

  29. magickal

    #22 – you took the words out of my mouth EXACTLY! “They’re” trying to keep it quiet? LOL! Does nobody care about her Hep c anymore? Kid Rock and Tommy Leee both look like haggard, diseased freaks and now apparently whatever good looks Clooney had left will soon be gone as he slowly but surely gets “I fucked Pam Anderson” face.

  30. killerqueen

    …and thus begins Pam’s attempt to give the entire entertainment industry hepatitis.

  31. Pointandlaugh

    Tommy Lee (loser)
    Kid Rock (MEGA loser)
    George Cloony (most eligible man in Hollywood)

    = UPGRADE of the century!!!!!!!!

  32. tallcoolone

    Nobody ‘dates’ Pamela Anderson..by dating, you mean fucking…get it right, ‘fish! He’ll be done with her by Monday, latest…if he’s not already.

  33. Niecy

    If I was George, I would be determined to keep it quiet too. How embarassing for him.

    And last thing he needs is Kid Rock busting down the door in the middle of the night. Actually, Kid Rock would kick down his neighbor’s door and scare them to death.

  34. tits_on_snack

    He’s an overrated clown, and she’s a haggard, sun damaged PETA airhead with at least one verified STD coursing through her bloodstream.
    She’s had every penis in Hollywood and two kids pass through that fucking gaping Union Station vagina, she’s got contaminated shit for blood, and Clooney’s so boring I can’t even think of anything to condemn him for other than the fact that he’s willing to put his penis inside that jacked up bear trap.

  35. Binky

    My sources are saying it’s just research for his new film :
    “The Good Borat”

  36. PrettyBaby

    Fuck even Tommy Lee and Kid Rock have whiter teeth than George The Homo Clooney.

  37. HollyJ

    She looks like she’s 67 in tha photo.

    Ick. No one likes to fuck grandma’s pussy.

  38. misanthrope

    @29… “I fucked Pam Anderson face”. Hilarious. Although, I’d have to say her exes were never remotely attractive. Especially Kid Rock. What the hell does anyone, anywhere, ever see in him?

    I agree with #32 too… just a speed bump for both of them. Everyone has to have a stab at everyone. Just doing the rounds.

  39. jackspratling

    Sure, there weren’t ANY publicists involved in concocting this one up.


  40. by “dating” do you mean “bangin’”?

  41. sssucks

    No longer do I think he’s hot. Its a downward spiral from dating Skinamax B-list actresses to this. He has hit a new low. Does he have any standards?

  42. PrettyBaby

    #41 He does have standards, but they require that the person is a male.

  43. misanthrope

    So who are the dudes he’s doin? Other ‘celebs’ or the escort type?

  44. D'oh Eyes

    I’d imagine that Pam smells like musty dishrag, leather, and dog poop.

  45. Solaera

    Barf. I’m tired of her wonky old titties.

  46. danielle

    Why the hell would George Clooney go with THAT? But, then again…he’s old, he wears diapers and he has to be fed through a feeding tube.


    I think he confused Pam with Anna Nicole.

    Poor fella.

  47. shanonorato

    Looks like she’s got a headlight out.


  48. jrzmommy

    That nipple is………it’s like………what the fuck is it doing? It’s like, on her shoulder or something.


    Where’s Bob?

  50. This would be like the president of the United States passing up the millions of hot women who would love to do him… for a hog. It could NEVER happen!

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