Pamela Anderson and Criss Angel back at it

April 8th, 2008 // 51 Comments

Pamela Anderson and Criss Angel were supposedly making out at an Elton John concert over the weekend, according to Digital Spy:

An onlooker said: “They were dancing along to the music, and at a few different points during the evening they looked very cozy – hugging and kissing.”

These pictures are actually from December when Criss and Pam got together in Vegas leading to the collapse of her marriage to Rick Salomon. Shortly after the brief fling, Pamela finalized her divorce and brokered a deal for an E! reality show. Criss Angel, on the other hand, put a baby in Minnie Driver. Okay, that’s not actually official but, when the child pops out and the doctor tries to dropkick it, a DNA test will seem kind of redundant.

Thanks to Wendy and her delicious Frosty’s which I use exclusively for fry dipping – and sensual massages.


  1. hook


  2. Didly

    Shigity shwa

  3. peachylicker

    ewwwww, she’s a fucking whore

  4. peachylicker

    ewwwww, she’s a fucking whore

  5. Deva


  6. Deva

    I mean seriously, is hepatitis and god knows what else she has growing down there worth it? Garbage disposal, here I come……

  7. woodhorse

    Criss Angel looks like a hairdresser from Louisiana.

  8. deacon jones


    lol – great fucking line!

    Well, she gives great head, I watched that Tommy Lee video and I was rock hard within 10 seconds of watching her suck that beast like a his dick was a coke dispenser.

    “She’s a good little girl *pinches cheek, pets top of head* You’re a good girl, arent you Pam?”

  9. Jumpin_J

    For someone who cares so much about her looks, all her boyfriends are the scariest, ugliest MF’rs on the planet. Whadupwitdat??? Chris has a nose so big Pam’s boobs would be sucked up.

  10. Auntie Kryst

    For a second there I thought that douchefucker was wearing a Misfits patch on his shoulder.. Someone needed to alert Danzig so he could rip that fucktard’s arm off.

  11. Loco_Chick

    holy shit i mean fuking seriously shitbag love

  12. hepc

    Does every fucking celeb moron on the planet forget that she has HEP C!!!

  13. Doomhammer

    Shit. So thats why I couldnt find any coke this weekend.

  14. Jaffo

    ‘And for my next trick, I will make both my pride AND my health DISAPPEAR!!!’

  15. Chriss

    Someday, all over the world, every day will be like Halloween. Then I will get the last laugh and the pointing and staring will stop. And yes, I like rings, OK! They conceal my tiny feminine hands. Abracadabra! (i just diappeared)

  16. Grunion

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he doesn’t exist.

    I wish Chris Angel would try that trick

  17. She certainly has unusual taste in men.

    She does not go for the macho type, She does not seem to be attracted to wealth

    She does not like the athletic type

    She doe not take interracially

  18. disease

    Very generous of her to spread around the Hep C. What a gal!

  19. Tishalulle

    mmmm Fries dipped in milk shakes.

  20. jumpin_j

    #17: The most beautiful woman in the world she is not. The most fun though, hmmm….

  21. Ript1&0

    If ol’ Lucifuge is gonna rip off that Misfits skull, he’s gonna have to do it to every single punk poser douche in the nation. Everyone has that tattoo somewhere.

    But Danzig isn’t so proud of his Misfits days I’ve read. (See above reason).

    Whatever. The Misfits fucking rule. And Samhain. And Danzig. Long live Black Elvis.

  22. SLASH

    Jebus…how stoned IS he???

    He reminds me of that episode of Entourage “I’m BUGGING OUT!!!!!”

  23. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    Chris is the most awesome magician in the world. First he makes her hepatitis disappear then shrinks her vagina back down to the size of a manhole cover. Then he does this ventriloquist thing with her pooter screaming “Tommy Lee was here”…man, this dude is talented.

  24. Who wouldn’t leave Rick Salomon for a this hunka hunka burnin’ love?

  25. HuckyDucky

    She is TIRED.

    This guy is the douchiest douche there is. Spencer is a distant second compared to this guy.

  26. jrz

    GOD he’s such a douchebag!

  27. Uncle Eccoli

    These washed-up slag celebrities must have some idea of how pathetic and disgusting they appear to we the little (normal) people. They must not care.

  28. Randal

    My blooming Orchid Pamela, what in the world is wrong with you my dear? You’re better than this guy, always have been, always will be.

    Perhaps you had been drinking a little too much and for that, I’ll do my best to forgive you but in the morning, please toss the trash to the curb and move on with your life.


  29. Hecubus

    It’s been years since I saw Ghostbusters so I’m not totally sure of this but isn’t Pamela Anderson and Criss Angel making out at an Elton John concert supposed to open the gates of Hell ???

  30. Marie

    She must need money so she’s doing him. Everyone knows she’s a hoooker

  31. Marie

    She must need money so she’s doing him. Everyone knows she’s a hoooker

  32. Jackie

    What’s with his fat hands and fingers? Those tight rings are cutting off the circulation to his fingers. Gross.

  33. Juffie

    Pam, Pam, Pam haven’t you learned your lesson with dating and marrying all those loser jerks?

  34. Allison

    Yuck is right. I seen them together last weekend at The Palms for Hef’s birthday. They both looked really awful and that must be the reason Criss Angel was trying to cover his face…

  35. Allison

    Yuck is right. I seen them together last weekend at The Palms for Hef’s birthday. They both looked really awful and that must be the reason Criss Angel was trying to cover his face…

  36. PunkA

    I think Pammy is hoping that he can make all her STDs go away. He is playing a Mindfreak on her that way, cuz wow, they both suck and look horrible.

  37. meanmofo

    After he nails her I wonder if he can make venereal diseases disappear…

  38. Mike

    REALLY??? I would love to meet just one of you fucking jerks that would pass up sticking it in Pam Anderson.. And, I would also like to see what your girlfriends look like, ill bet they are NO pam fucking anderson??? Whore or not!!

    I am also willing to bet that just about every one of you sloppy sperm burping chicks would have your heels in the air for Criss faster than he could say “boo”

    you should all look at yourselves before judging others!

  39. BoboTed

    First off, who the fuck is Criss Angel? And isn’t that a chick’s name?

    Second, is Pam trying to set a world record for most cocks taken in a single pussy over the course of a lifetime? Pornstars fuck fewer guys than her!!

  40. Mmmmm…. fries in frosty’s are the BEST!

  41. woodhorse

    @ 8 – probably the better line was when Criss told Pam “Palmolive! You’re soaking in it!”


    that’s the power of blonde hair and blue eyes. this bitch is on the CDC most wanted list and STILL men can’t stop fighting for their turn to hollow her out.


  43. Matt

    I hope they all die of cocaine overdose……fucking idiots.

  44. Lou

    The 3rd photo is pure class! lawl

  45. Cap'n Pickles

    That bitch has been bored out more than a ’68 Mustang with 4 million miles on it. You would have to literally bugee jump into this bitch in order to get her to feel anything. Still, the Dudes are lining up. At least now I know how Chriss got the Stature of Liberty to disappear.

  46. ch474

    #23 was funny … and Pammy has old lady hands.

  47. ch474

    Yeah pic#3, the look on her face “… oh great, another asshole wanting to take a picture with the implant twins again … why I ever agreed to put them back in is beyond me … fuck I am just sick of this, but the money is too good to turn down … hell I’ll be dead in 5 years, but my kids will get a college education”.

  48. redsonja1313

    he is so gross!!!! How does he get all these women, he is a fucking magician I mean really when the fuck did that become a SEXY job??? I can say as a women sometimes my species baffles even me… No wonder guys are so confused all the time !!

  49. Duke Steele

    Can you say douchebag?????

  50. Amanda

    HANS KLOK!!!!!

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