Pamela Anderson and Criss Angel back at it

Pamela Anderson and Criss Angel were supposedly making out at an Elton John concert over the weekend, according to Digital Spy:

An onlooker said: “They were dancing along to the music, and at a few different points during the evening they looked very cozy – hugging and kissing.”

These pictures are actually from December when Criss and Pam got together in Vegas leading to the collapse of her marriage to Rick Salomon. Shortly after the brief fling, Pamela finalized her divorce and brokered a deal for an E! reality show. Criss Angel, on the other hand, put a baby in Minnie Driver. Okay, that’s not actually official but, when the child pops out and the doctor tries to dropkick it, a DNA test will seem kind of redundant.

Thanks to Wendy and her delicious Frosty’s which I use exclusively for fry dipping – and sensual massages.