Pamela Anderson jumps on reality bandwagon

Pamela Anderson is starring in a “docu-style series” on E! this summer cleverly titled Pamela. I’m pretty sure “docu-style” isn’t a real word but when has reality gotten in the way of reality TV? NEVER! E! Online conveniently has the details:

Pamela will be an artistically rich and visually stunning series,” executive producer Randy Barbato said in a statement. “The series will offer an unprecedented look inside the life of one of today’s most iconic superstars in the style of a uniquely shot documentary film.”
While the series, as announced, promises to let viewers meet “the real woman behind the famous breasts,” it will draw a big line, and will not feature her and ex-husband Tommy Lee’s two children.

I’m sure the show will be interesting as hell like her life. One minute Pamela Anderson is attending her son’s baseball game (above) then the next she’s settling her debt with Satan:

Late Saturday night, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported the 40-year-old helped celebrate Playboy mogul Hugh Hefner’s 82nd birthday by doing a dance for him while wearing a pair of high heels–and nothing else.

What else can we expect on the show? SPOILER ALERT: Pamela likes hot dogs! Ha! Who knew?* Celebrities sure are zany!

*Question not addressed to Tommy Lee, Bret Michaels, Scott Baio, [insert any 80s hair metal band member here], Tim Allen, 1/3 the population of Canada, Rick Salomon, the Michelin Man, Roseanne Barr, Jesus.

Photos: Splash News