Pamela Anderson’s marriage implanted with fraud

Rick Salomon has agreed that the best case scenario is to pretend his marriage to Pamela Anderson never happened. Neither side is seeking spousal support and vow never to set foot in Vegas again – except to gamble and drink all night! WHOO! The AP reports:

Rick Salomon agrees in papers responding to a filing by the “Baywatch” actress that the marriage should be annulled because of fraud, though neither set of documents elaborated.

I don’t know what these two expected to accomplish by getting married. It’s fucking Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon, for God’s sake! Did they think magical unicorns would fly through the air trailing rainbows behind them? Everyone knows that only happens when I unzip pants. *ZIP* See? That’s just scie- Bill, watch out! NO! You just got pegasus’d in the skull! Don’t you die on me! But, uh, can I have your office? I mean, don’t quit on me, man! No, for real, I’m just going to start moving my stuff in. LIVE, DAMN YOU! Ooh, a window…

Photos: Getty Images