Pamela Anderson Wore A Bikini, Too

“The Sand People are easily startled but they’ll soon be back, and in greater numbers.” – Jesus of Nazareth.

We already posted one 40-something man-face bag of silicone in a bikini, so what’s one more? Here are just-released photos Pamela Anderson in Hawaii last week because it’s always a good idea to let the hepatitis waft off for a couple of days so the Internet doesn’t get the drip. Also, it’s Pamela Anderson so it’s not like anyone’s on the edge of their seat waiting for these. “Hey, remember that chick who was hot in 1996 and then wasn’t anymore? Because I’m dying to see her aged 15 years but with a pained look on her face that clearly suggests years of drug use and unprotected sex make it a goddamn chore just to walk. Oh, wait, looky here…”

Photos: Bauer-Griffin