Rick Salomon: Pamela Anderson Is A ‘Serial Baby Killer’

Pamela Anderson is apparently divorcing Rick Salomon for real this time, and surprisingly it’s not a friendly, cordial affair where the two shake hands and go about their lives. I don’t know what went wrong. TMZ reports:

Pam Anderson just got a restraining order after claiming her estranged husband Rick Salomon tried to strangle her and smother her with a pillow during sex, but he claims she has killed untold numbers of unborn babies through abortion.
Pam’s legal docs — obtained by TMZ — leave no doubt about the bitterness between the 2. Pam has filed for divorce and Rick has filed for an annulment, claiming fraud.

Turns out Rick Salomon not only believes Pamela Anderson gets pregnant and has abortions for sport, but he also has no fucking clue what fraud means and communes with pigs:

Pam claims in January, she and Rick were having sex and he flew into a rage, spitting in her face, putting a pillow over her face and trying to strangle her. She also says when he loses at poker he gets nasty, calling her a “slut,” an “ugly old bitch” and “crack whore.”
And there’s this. Pam has an email in which Rick calls her a fraud because she eats fish and shrimp, which stinks up their house. And he’s offended she cooks pork for her kids and he owned a pig for 10 years.

Fun Fact: Rick Salomon is the dude in Paris Hilton’s sex tape, so I’m pretty sure at least half of this is the syphilis mixed with hepatitis talking. It’s a miracle he even knows what year it is.

Photos: CIAO/AKM-GSI, Pacific Coast News