Pamela Anderson in a Bikini for PETA

Here’s a computer-generated image of what Pamela Anderson might have looked like 15 years ago urging you to believe animals are just like people because PETA has to come up with crazy shit every month or they stop getting donations to pay their employees for not respecting the food chain:

Just like humans, animals are made of flesh, blood, and bone and have organs and senses. Animals also have emotions and unique personalities, feel pain, and create families and relationships with other animals, if given the chance.

Wow. The only thing missing is how animals drive to work each day and pay bills just like you except they don’t because animals are selfish bastards who only care about feeding themselves or, occasionally, their immediate family. So basically they’re Republicans if Republicans tasted great with barbecue sauce. Now with that out of the way, anyone notice how the word “liver” is nowhere to be found on this poster? Just throwing that out there.

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Photo: PETA