Pamela Anderson in a Bikini for PETA

July 15th, 2010 // 122 Comments
Pamela Anderson

Here’s a computer-generated image of what Pamela Anderson might have looked like 15 years ago urging you to believe animals are just like people because PETA has to come up with crazy shit every month or they stop getting donations to pay their employees for not respecting the food chain:

Just like humans, animals are made of flesh, blood, and bone and have organs and senses. Animals also have emotions and unique personalities, feel pain, and create families and relationships with other animals, if given the chance.

Wow. The only thing missing is how animals drive to work each day and pay bills just like you except they don’t because animals are selfish bastards who only care about feeding themselves or, occasionally, their immediate family. So basically they’re Republicans if Republicans tasted great with barbecue sauce. Now with that out of the way, anyone notice how the word “liver” is nowhere to be found on this poster? Just throwing that out there.

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Photo: PETA


  1. Darrin

    Really, who gives a shit what she thinks? Chick’s been an irrelevance since 2001.

  2. Mona

    I don’t like you when you say this shit.
    B.t.w., human are animals.

  3. tc

    The advert proves there is nothing wrong with eating humans.

    Soylent Green, anyone ?

  4. XYZ

    Already sick&tired of that. Plus that PETA is a truly criminal organization.

  5. Wow


    They re mass murdered in order to feed you/US !!! Brutally slaughtered, stuck in tiny little boxes eating eating all day long, so they ll get fat and feed your fat ugly ass ! The way animals are treated, is DESPICABLE !! and ok, i agree, animals kill each other in other to feed themselves, but, the difference between them and us, Humans, is that, an animal, will kill 1 other animal to eat !!!HE won t be wearing a fucking suit and a tie runing a company most likely a “concentration camp for the defenseless and inferior animals that kills 100000 animals per month in the most disgusting way one can imagine !!!!—— NO wonder most of people that eat meat are fat, ugly, unhappy and very “unhealthy”(most of superficial “users”lol) heart, weight issues, etc etc etc…… you eat a dead corpse that had the most horrible life one can imagine !!!!!!!!! Tasty enough ??? with a little bbq sauce ?? mmmmmmmmmmmm ENJOY EATING CORPSES !!!! EVIL btchs

    • CrimsonKing

      Wow, Wow…you are really quite a fool.
      I am sorry you think its “Grong”, but your reasoning is totally asinine.

      1 Animal will kill and eat 1 animal – since he only feeds himself. These corporations you vilify will feed MILLIONS of people, so that you have the time to sit around with your celery sticks bitching about stupid shit, and feeling self-important.
      You call killing them in disgusting manners, they call it efficiency…not my place, or yours, to debate.

      So, in conclusion, better to stay quiet, and appear the fool, then to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  6. Pamela Anderson
    Commented on this photo:

    czech singer Tereza Černochová went on tour last year, the name of the show was “I’ll cut myself into pieces for you”, this is the promo-pic

  7. Cock Dr

    Republicans don’t taste good no matter what kind of sauce you put on them.

  8. Kaz

    Like too shorter 4’5 she has big head small body

  9. TR

    I don’t see anything marked “rumen” or “hoof”. But then again, the brains probably do match.

  10. Darth

    She doesn’t get that much posted here.That’s why she could be considered a threat from time to time.

  11. Rhialto

    Is that breast? Or breakfast?

  12. Nero

    Where does she hide the sausage?

  13. Andriiya

    Ok first off… That’s a CGI body/hair with her face from 10 years ago added in.

    Secondly, can you really complain about how people kill animals vs. how animals kill animals? A lion starts eating a Zebra as soon as it’s too fucked up to move, it doesn’t try to quickly and peacefully kill it before it starts ripping out hunks of the suffering animal’s legs. Some animals swallow their meal whole and let it die in their diegestive track. Komodo dragon sometimes bite/poison/terrorize their meals for days while they wait for it to die. If you have a housecat it would probably play with a half-dead animal until it got bored and then it might not even eat it.

  14. Pamela Anderson
    Bobo loco
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s all wasted has been. Used condom. 

  15. Pamela Anderson
    Commented on this photo:

    is peta trying to tell us in this picture that we shoul screw women other than eating them

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