1. Do_Freebird

    Did they knock her tits down a couple of cup sizes too?

  2. Yep

    After all that PSing, her stomach is still a pile of chub…

  3. paul

    i noticed they listed parts of the body on pam, but failed to list the brain, no suprise

  4. she hasn’t been hot in years… she’s all bimbo now.

  5. Nunyuh

    Ooooh….. yeah……they also forgot that this is just assinine……… !!!!
    Neither will they tell you what PETA really means:
    People Eating Tasty Animals……
    ….as in the “animal kingdom”….. we shall take what we need….just as they do!
    Stop already with your “bleating-heart” rhetoric…… !!! Since I’m not tryin’ to force my meat down your throat….STOP tryin’ to shove that nasty toFU down mine !!!
    Have a wonderful day there all you Nature Haters !!!

  6. tichybob

    czech singer Tereza Černochová went on tour last year, the name of the show was “I’ll cut myself into pieces for you”, this is the promo-pic

  7. Bobo loco

    She’s all wasted has been. Used condom. 

  8. lol

    is peta trying to tell us in this picture that we shoul screw women other than eating them

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