Pamela Anderson in a Bikini for PETA

July 15th, 2010 // 122 Comments
Pamela Anderson

Here’s a computer-generated image of what Pamela Anderson might have looked like 15 years ago urging you to believe animals are just like people because PETA has to come up with crazy shit every month or they stop getting donations to pay their employees for not respecting the food chain:

Just like humans, animals are made of flesh, blood, and bone and have organs and senses. Animals also have emotions and unique personalities, feel pain, and create families and relationships with other animals, if given the chance.

Wow. The only thing missing is how animals drive to work each day and pay bills just like you except they don’t because animals are selfish bastards who only care about feeding themselves or, occasionally, their immediate family. So basically they’re Republicans if Republicans tasted great with barbecue sauce. Now with that out of the way, anyone notice how the word “liver” is nowhere to be found on this poster? Just throwing that out there.

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Photo: PETA



    They forgot “wings” on her arms.

  2. I would like to order a couple of breasts and a rump roast..

    • Jr

      You would need a time machine to get THOSE breasts and rump roast, but what’re the laws of physics when it comes to lust?

  3. That has to win a Photoshop Of The Year Award

  4. Deacon Jones

    Looking good!


  5. Bunny

    Pam is fucking awesome… I’ve always loved her.

    But… I do love me some steak. Sorry Pammy

  6. Joe

    Eww, that’s damn close to turning me off meat. Airbrushed pig.

  7. Lindros

    I’ve seen Final Fantasy characters who look more real.

  8. Glenn

    PETA does realize that animals kill and eat other animals right?
    Why should we be different?
    If PETA wins and all humans go vegetarian (which will never, ever happen) are they going to start protesting Lions and Hyenas? Fuckwads.

    • ashley

      i would actually have more respect for you if you were eating lion and hyena that you had to kill yourself. you do realize the most popular meats for human consumption are not meat eaters, right?

      • Hey Ashley can we eat you?

      • And you do realize that most of what lions and hyenas eat are not meat eaters either, right? We are apex predators, it behooves us to eat animals that are not apex predators, and some of us do indeed eat what we kill.

      • Alexflash

        And most animals that lions and hyenas eat are meat eaters? Have you heard of the food chain?

      • ashley, how is that validation for anything? All meat eaters eat plant eaters and may occasionally eat another meat eater. Furthermore, our technology allows us not to spend 80% of our wake cycle foraging for food, but instead have only a small segment of the population producing food for the rest of us.

        Do you know what life was like before factory farming? People spent most of their time looking for food, or killing off other tribes/predators/herbivores/omnivores who would be competitors for food. If our industrialized food complex did not exist, you wouldn’t have time to come on here and express your ideas, you’d be too busy looking for food.

    • Crabby Old Guy

      Hell to the YES on that comment. Fuck PETA and their dumb-ass ad campaign.

    • Sugar

      Those PETA morons are always screaming about how animals are so superior to humans even though animals regularly commit incest and reproduce that way also.

    • (in a world full of idiots)

      No stupid, PETA’s concerns are for the “E T H I C A L” treatment of animals. I am not sure if you are aware of how horrific the lives are of these creature with the so-called miracle of modern agrinomics. They live lives of misery.
      No thanks.

      • Sugar

        YES THEY DO talk about the superiority of animals to humans in radio interviews and the like. I’ve heard many. If you ask them to choose between killing a baby snake or human baby they will choose to kill the human.

      • drunkpunch

        and how many of these locations have you been to to see these mistreated animals?!? most of petas propaganda videos come from 3rd world countries that do not have the ethical laws that the us has to live and work by therefore the methods they use are more primative and disturbing to tards like you

    • CC

      I fucking hate Peta. Bunch of hypocritical moneygrubbers who are only interested in attention and lining their wallets.

      But I also don’t eat meat. So to answer your question about why we shouldn’t kill and eat other animals:

      Because of the way they are bred, raised, and slaughtered for our consumption.

      I don’t think eating meat is wrong – we’ve always done it and we always will. But I have a problem with the unnatural, cruel, and straight-up creepy things that have been done to our meat supply in order to increase production and decrease cost.

      • SK

        I am down with treating animals ethically (as far as modern agrinomics is concerned), but killing and eating them is not cruel or unethical, it is natural. Does PETA cover the rights of bugs and vegetables too? What constitutes an animal, or a living thing? Where does it stop?

      • Jen

        when an animal can stand up and tell me that i hurt its feelings and that it doesnt want me to eat it, i will become a fucking vegetarian.

    • eggs

      Nah, the argument goes that animals are not gifted with the concept of morality. They don’t have a choice. We do. Hence we are the ones responsible for our actions.

  9. Cock Dr

    It appears that PETA has a time machine, because that’s what Pam looked like 15 years ago.

  10. Cardinal Fang

    What happens when Peta finds out that vegetables scream when they are pulled out of the ground?

  11. lisa

    agree with nuke

  12. Pamela Anderson
    Commented on this photo:

    Did they knock her tits down a couple of cup sizes too?

  13. jH

    Haven’t seen any animals with silicone-enhanced udders.

  14. aeru

    PETA apparently doesn’t bother to look up the exact terms when labeling their “meat.”
    I guess it gives them a reason to use the word BREAST I suppose. That and they believe their audience to be as stupid as the animals they try to “save.”

  15. Drew

    Haha, ironic. I was just commenting on the use of Photoshop in the banner girl post, and oh my god is this one bad.

    Her left leg, specifically her knee. How in the fuck did that get through approval? lol.

  16. mojo

    Hey, if they wrote asshole somewhere on her body parts most of you could relate better. Pamela Anderson rocks unlike the shallow, sit on the fence super models who hate fur then love it every other year. At least she’s stood her ground. At for photoshopping her, well at least they’re trying their best to campaign. You pack of fucking twats. Fuck off.

    • Mr. T

      Pam Anderson is a ragged out, hepatitis infected, skanky ass OLD ass whore of the worst kind. She should be working the day shift at some nickle table dance titty bar on the south side of Detroit…PETA is the biggest group intolerant, loser assholes on the planet. They support terrorism through there little shady group animal liberation front though they deny it in public. So Fuck you Pam disease ridden Anderson and Fuck you PETA….you both suck and should MIND YOUR GODDAMN BUSINESS of what I eat!!!


    • Zero

      No,you’re not.
      You’re still that person who got excited without even reaching the top ten.
      That’s like like cumming off a hug.

  18. Jaan Kanellis

    I don’t eat toxic, airbrushed pigs.

  19. Pamela Anderson
    Commented on this photo:

    After all that PSing, her stomach is still a pile of chub…

  20. Nomnom

    Personally, I’m not a vegetarian because I love animals but because I hate vegetables…

  21. Randal(l)

    PETA is a group of assholes out to make money who support terrorists.

    Last year of the 2366 pets they received, 2301 were killed. only 8 were adopted. The president of PETA herself said she’d be against animal testing even if it cured AIDS. She’s also said that PETA could very easily become a no-kill shelter, but it would cost too much (meanwhile their making over 30 million tax-free dollars from donations alone)They’ve given money to the ELF (on the FBI’s Domestic Terrorist list) and other domestic terrorist groups.

    In Conclusion, Fuck PETA, Fuck them up their stupid asses, and I hope Pamela Anderson knows that the hepatitis she got from tommy lee would have killed her if it wasn’t for animal testing


    • Mr. T

      Right on Randal!! Fuck PETA and Fuck all you idiotic hypocrite PETA members that post on this blog….we don’t give a fuck about if you eat meat or think it’s cruel. Mind your own business! Quit being so godamn Nazi about it.

      • mojo

        Nazi? Have you seen footage of slaughter houses? Animal testing? This IS OUR BUSINESS.. and don’t you forget that little boy. Everyone is intitled to their own opinion, just because yours is shite, we’ll try not to hold that against you.

    • Sugar

      Thank you for enlightening us with the truth. You are awesome!

      • nz girl

        Mojo, slaughterhouses for red meat are not unethical – they are as humanely trreated as possible. Just because you’ve seen a picture does not mean you know anything about it.

        Yeah, animal testing sucks sometimes but if you’d rather be the test subject, go for it. But somehow i doubt you care that much.

    • drunkpunch

      fuck yes well researched and stated

  22. OLD HAG

    Silicone taste ok when it is fried in lard.

  23. mojo

    ffs isn’t everyone on the fbi terrorist list these days?

  24. I’ve been a vegatarian for 20 years & PETA does not speak for me. PETA is a bunch of kooks. Hardcore PETA people are against……wait for it….pet ownership, because it exploits the animal. And their idea that animal testing & research that could save human lives should be stopped is just plain stupid.
    But I do like their liberal use of nudity, even if it is badly PhotoShopped long in the tooth bimbos.

  25. Jiloru

    “Like prejudices based on skin color/gender, animals are exploited because of speciesism – a prejudice against others because they belong to another species. Like humans enslaved/exploited/exterminated throughout history, animals are victims of the philosophy “might makes right” in which the less powerful are used and killed. Vegans are sometimes accused of being naive to the fact that “life is cruel” and that “animals kill each other.”

    Regardless of whether life can be cruel for some, or whether others kill, each of us has the capacity for compassion and can choose not to contribute to the suffering of others.”

  26. mojo

    You’d think after 20 years you could spell vegetarian no offence

  27. lerxt

    hepatitis infected meat – the “other, other, other white meat”, yummmmm….

  28. mojo

    So she has hepatitis? Get over it, she has, dork!

  29. I’m a meatatarian! But I don’t like meat the way Dude does – he’s just a Fagatarian!

  30. mojo

    Am off to do something constructive, not sit in a room with haters just because someone is absolutely gorgeus and you’re jealous. Get over it sissys.

  31. Flash

    she still hot!

    • Randal(l)

      Translation: Dieu ces abrutis laids ennuient l’outta de la vie je.

      Also, why is it that whenever anyone disagrees with anyone else it almost ends with “your an ugly loser who’s jealous’” that adds nothing to the debate


  32. Flash

    Pam we loveeeeeeee uuuuuuuuuuu

    • Randal(l)

      While I agree with your stance on PETA, I have to disagree on your stance on Pamela Anderson….wasn’t she in Borat for 3 minutes back in 2006. and that movie was awesome.

      Also, you PETAphiles need think twice about giving unwanted pets to them. the vans they use to pick these animals up often have all the killing tools in the van with them. sometimes the animals don’t even make it back to the shelter before PETA murders them


  33. danielle

    She looks amazing and Peta is a great cause. People who stand up for what they believe in and support it are admirable. Support a great cause yourself, on

  34. bob

    Like I always say with these posts – I’m a vegetarian, and fuck PETA. I have not eaten meat in 7 years, and I’ve known that PETA is a piece of shit for twice that long. Fuck you PETA. And, Pamela Anderson is no longer relevant, an FYI to Fish and PETA.

  35. Kevin

    What’s that mess on top of her head, her guts?

  36. Get Out

    First off screw PETA ,oh yeah and those douches from whale wars. Also Pammy would never pass FDA inspections, too much rat feces.

  37. Lain

    Didn’t Pam open up a restaurant that serves meat or something?

  38. Pamela Anderson
    Commented on this photo:

    i noticed they listed parts of the body on pam, but failed to list the brain, no suprise

  39. Burt

    Would you eat chicken if the breast meat had silicone in it?

  40. Pamela Anderson
    Commented on this photo:

    she hasn’t been hot in years… she’s all bimbo now.

  41. sanny

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  42. WillyNilly

    Fuck PETA. Just for this dumb ad featuring the over-the-hill, nasty, old, loose bitch Pam Anderson, I will now go eat a hamburger… and wash it down with blended hot dog juice.

  43. Pamela Anderson
    Commented on this photo:

    Ooooh….. yeah……they also forgot that this is just assinine……… !!!!
    Neither will they tell you what PETA really means:
    People Eating Tasty Animals……
    ….as in the “animal kingdom”….. we shall take what we need….just as they do!
    Stop already with your “bleating-heart” rhetoric…… !!! Since I’m not tryin’ to force my meat down your throat….STOP tryin’ to shove that nasty toFU down mine !!!
    Have a wonderful day there all you Nature Haters !!!

  44. Fati87

    I hate photoshop. Whoever invented it should butn in hell. This woman has NEVER looked like this. And because of covers like this, teenage girls go crazy and starve themselves and turn into sluts.

  45. larry

    Check out this video PETA made:

  46. captain america


  47. DCMikeRotch

    With what she probably has, eating that would DEFINITELY give anyone food poisoning. Like a steak that someone else has already eaten and thrown up. And then f***ed vigorously.

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