Pamela Anderson Breaks Playboy Record With 13th Cover

December 15th, 2010 // 85 Comments

Because what else was she built for? Pamela Anderson posed for the cover of the January 2011 issue of Playboy for a record 13th time which actually seems like a pretty low number considering her chest isn’t biodegradable, but I digress. Also, in the issue is a poem written by Pam which boggles the mind alone with its existence, not to mention the use of actual people words. I just assumed she spoke in a series of giggles and intricate breast claps based on all those times I hit mute whenever she talked. It was very scientific.

Photos: Courtesy of Playboy


  1. Pamela Anderson Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    so just how many of you would someone want to see today from 20 years ago? so she has contracted hepatitis from having sex, how many of you secretly caught something but had the good fortune of it not being leaked to the media? I can appreciate that she is older, airbrushing or not as I have not seen the pix but still being desired and a public icon. I have no harsh feelings against the woman, she is still holding her own.

    • lindsay

      pam anderson isnt desired by ANYONE anymore! look at the comments! nobody finds her sexy or appealing anymore. shes an old, washed up hag that still wants to be the blonde bombshell that she was over 15 years ago! and the woman looks absolutely terrible! there are pics all over the internet that show how bad she looks! shes in her early 40s (not that old at all) and i saw a pic of her the other day where if i didnt know better, i wouldve sworn that she was close to 60! pam andersons time as a sex symbol has come and gone. she needs to accept that.

  2. hahaha losers

    always had terrifying eyebrows

  3. hahaha losers

    the articles look great

  4. jean

    Photoshop will keep her in business for a long, long time.

  5. lindsay

    has anybody seen pam anderson un-phottoshopped lately? she looks old as HELL! seriously. she looks ancient. theres a bunch of women 40 and older that look FAR better than pam does! halle berry, salma hayek, and kylie minogue are just a few of the women pams age that blow her outta the water! even madonna, whos a DECADE older, looks better than pam! its like pam cant accept getting older. shes so pathetic. she still walks around in string bikinis with belly chains and poses for playboy to stay relevant. if theres anything that i hate, its an OLD woman who cant deal with aging gracefully!she so pathetic! somebody needs to tell this white trash that she went out with the 90s-and shes NEVER coming back!

  6. Pamela Anderson Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    Compared to that, the nutrition labels on a bottle of Sierra Mist is like John Keats.

  7. Pamela Anderson Playboy
    Commented on this photo:

    Wow. That’s about the most hilariously retarded piece of self-important crap on the internet. And the poem’s pretty bad, too.

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