Pam Anderson seeks restraining order, misses golden opportunity

September 28th, 2005 // 8 Comments

Pamela_Restraining_Order.jpgAccording to People News, Pamela Anderson has filed a request for a restraining order against a man she claims has been stalking and harassing her family for over a month. The first incedent apparently occured on September 15th:

Anderson said she saw William Stansfield, 29, talking to her 7-year-old son at school. She said when she approached him, he told her he wanted her to stop working on her TV series Stacked and commit to a movie he had written for her.

That was a bum move on Anderson’s part. She should have at least looked at the script. Doesn’t she know that a lot of actors and actresses got their big break by collaborating with probable sexual deviants? Nobody knew who Nicole Kidman was until she starred alongside Tom Cruise in Days of Thunder; Adrien Brody won an Oscar because of Roman Polanski, who was convicted for the statutory rape of a 13-year old girl; and Paris Hilton… well, I’m not sure if you can technically collaborate with yourself, but if so, her newfound fame has teenage boys and lonely middle-aged men all over the world “collaborating with themselves” to her DVD. So clearly, unsettling perverts are Hollywood’s lucky charms, but unfortunately, Anderson was too busy with trivial things like the terror of a man endangering her family to see the rainbow for its pot of gold.


  1. Pam looks like an aging porn star except not as hot.

  2. Bookboi

    Agreed, Proteon. By all rights, the American public should have lost interest with her at least 10 years ago. Shows what a little videotaped sex in a boat on Lake Mead can do for a career.

  3. Tommy Cruise

    Hell, Pam’s just jealous that he was more interested in her 7-year old son than her. Is there anything wrong with wanting a Michael-Jackson-like freak far away from your family? Now if he was a well-hung guy who loves overly-fake bodies, she would’ve invited him over for milk and cookies – the kind that leave crumbs in your sheets.

  4. DevastatorX

    I love these fuckin morons who insist on being in the public eye and then have the nuts to complain because they are. She deserves every bit of attention she gets and if I were her, I would cherish it while she can, because it won’t last.
    At least until she flip flops on what b-lister she’s screwing that week.
    I wonder if her son’s friends have downloaded her porn vid yet?

  5. Ninesling

    I didnt realize Stacked was even still on. I havent heard of it or seen any promos for it for like… well ever.

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  7. She deserves all the attention it receives, and if so, forbids it, but you can, because it will not last. At least until it flops, this B-Lister saw this week.

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