Paltrow “forced” to miss Venice Film Festival

Gwynnie.jpgGwyneth Paltrow recently missed the Venice Film Festival after her airplane had some technical difficulties and had to be diverted back to New York. She was set to attend a press conference at the event to promote her new film Proof, which co-stars Sir Anthony Hopkins and Jake Gyllenhaal, and has been nominated for the festival’s top prize, the Golden Lion.

Speaking via mobile phone, Paltrow told the assembled media her aborted trip had been “absolutely, extraordinarily unpleasant. I had all kinds of plane problems … but I was very, very sorry not to be with you. It was going to be the highlight of my summer.”

But before you go and feel all bad for her, let me remind you that this is the women who allegedly arranged for photographers to snap pictures of her and Chris Martin looking at their sonogram photo outside the doctor’s office. Then, a year later, she paraded all around town schlepping a baby carriage that is now widely believed to have been empty. And speaking of using her child as a publicity tool, remember when she named it Apple? Now, I’m not saying that Paltrow would personally sabotage her own plane with a giant novelty monkey wrench all for the sake of publicity. Oh, except that I am, and she would, and she did. And we fell right into her trap.

Well played, Gwynnie. Well played.