Paris Hilton — Oh God, please let this be true

Forget withdrawing our troops from Iraq, there’s a much more important evacuation plan underway. Showbiz Spy reports:

Paris Hilton is planning a permanent move to London.
The hotel heiress is currently in the British capital filming her new TV show Paris Hilton’s My New BBF (British Best Friend). And she is ready to leave Hollywood for good and settle down in the UK.
She told friends, “I love it here, I am going to move here permanently. I have already been here for one month and am much, much happier here.
“I love guys with English accents. I have met a really cute English guy, but it’s early days.”

The only question is whether pushing Paris Hilton onto another country constitutes an act of biological warfare. But that’s really a minor concern. If she makes good on this, I pledge to donate a kidney to an organ-transplant facility. Not my own, mind you–probably one from the homeless guy who’s always passed out in my doorway. Hey, it’s not like she’s taking Heidi Montag with her.

Photos: WENN
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