Eddie Murphy Has Sex With This

June 12th, 2013 // 18 Comments

In case you’re wondering how awesome it is to just be a celebrity who hasn’t done anything relevant in years and is probably more famous at this point for that time you picked up a tranny, Maxim models like Paige Butcher will still touch your penis. Granted, for money, but let’s not pretend any of us have principles here. I’d punch an orphan if they made Paige Butcher mad. “Yeah, why can’t they have parents like everybody else? EAT FIST.”

Photos: Fame/Flynet, Pacific Coast News, Splash News


  1. well yknow models gotta eat. oh wait-

  2. sleeptobepretty

    Incorrect. Eddie Murphy has sex with men.

  3. Get serious

    I can’t remember the last good film Eddie Murphy did; he’s laid turd after turd for the past 2 decades or so. And, he still gets paid millions for doing it, which is why he can afford a white trophy girlfriend. Life sometimes sucks bigtime…

  4. Deacon Jones


  5. Eddie Murphy, to every white woman he meets: “Hi, I’m Tiger Woods.”

  6. Rasputin's Evil Twin

    She’s impressive, if improbable.

    What’s an “Eddie Murphy” again? you’re sure he’s alive still?

  7. I bet he does his Eddie Murphy laugh when he is having sex and sounds like Donkey when he is done.

  8. Eddie Murphy can eat a bowl of dicks.

    seriously, he can really put them away.

  9. therealist

    If this is true and the Kanye West story is true can we finally just admit that ‘women’ and ‘whore’ are synonymous?

  10. kery

    You are wrong not all women are whores some of us have morals…

  11. Huh?

    His 80′s work was good enough for him to rest on for as long as the earth shall have him.

  12. Roddy6667

    She’s pretty hot for a tranny.

  13. Paige Butcher Bikini Eddie Murphy Girlfriend
    Monsignor Nelson
    Commented on this photo:

    “You might have seen a housefly,
    maybe even a superfly,
    but I bet you ain’t never seen a pussyfly!

    until now, ’cause this pussy is FLY!”

  14. She seems a lot less penisy than his usual type.

  15. Paige Butcher Bikini Eddie Murphy Girlfriend
    Commented on this photo:

    I’d like to see some pics of her asshole gaping wide.

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