Pageant Queen Lisa Opie Forgets Her Headphones- Reads A Book Instead

If you are a semi-famous woman who looks great in a bikini and see a guy with a camera in cargo shorts and his T-shirt tucked in, you’ll probably end up on this site. This is no exception. My job is to bullshit what she might be up to with absolutely no information, so here it goes:

After realizing that Donald Trump’s celebrity endorsement photos look like they could be a “wife swap” category thumbnail on PornHub, Lisa decided to take to the beach and listen to her favorite Aaron Carter/Dubstep mix. Once she got settled, she reached in her bag and realized she forgot her headphones. Lucky for her, she recently picked up a book on DIY taxidermy thanks to an inspirational photo she saw of Bad Girl Riri. Then her agent called and said she needs to tape an audition for “Hot Chick #4″ in an upcoming SyFy movie. She tweeted how #blessed she was to be able to live her dream and went back to her apartment in Santa Monica.