Claudia Romani Does Miami Doggy Style… With Her Own Dog

Claudia Romani loves her dog… like… really loves her dog… More »

Chill Out About The Kathy Griffin Thing For Chrissakes

People are acting like Kathy Griffin and Tyler Shields just shat on Mother Teresa. More »

Let’s Focus on One Good Thing About The Baywatch Movie

Charlotte McKinney and Alexandra Daddario might not have saved Baywatch from being an hour and a half long circle-jerk, but they did help. These are your Tuesday links and stuff! … More »

This Is What A $2000 Hamburger Looks Like I Guess

Yes, that’s real gold and yes it only tastes good if you’re absolutely wasted. More »

Hopefully Scott Disick Will Bang His Way Into Obscurity By August

*Squats in a corn field* “Dear gawd, please make Scott a bird so he can fly far far away from here. Dear gawd, please make Scott a bird so he can fly far far away from here…” More »


Oh… he kind of asked for them… wait, can this guy read? Headline should have read: “JADEN SMITH CAN’T READ – SORRY, DAD!”. More »

Ariel Winter Dressed As The Wendy’s Girl On A Beach

If you look closely, you might notice that her hair is different… More »

Tiger Woods Gets DUI – Probably High On Vagina

“Officer, I only had two or three over the couse of like… six hours.”

*Cop shines flashlight on 12-pack of naked women he kicked under passenger seat* More »

Rita Ora Doing Bikini Things

It’s memorial day weekend and I’ve got mistakes to make so we’re just going to keep running with this scantly-clad celeb stalking thing… More »

Playboy’s Lindsey Pelas Lost Her Shirt

FACT: If you eat too much ‘Donkey Sauce’ in flavortown, you might leave the restaurant without a shirt. More »

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