Chloe Grace Moretz in short shorts is what’s hot around the internets

Karen Gillan from Guardians of the Galaxy looking fantastic [Popoholic]

Rita Ora looking smoking hot in a bikini in The Maldives [Celebslam]

OH HELL NO [Dlisted] … More »

Can We Talk About Tomi Lahren’s Selfies, Please…

Everything about Tomi solidifies the fact that shiny objects can distract Americans from major problems in this– *Ooh, look! A cute dog!* More »

Lesson of The Day: Don’t Call Russell Crowe A Fatty or He’ll Bench Press You

“Oy! Who the fack does this bloke Oward Starn think he is colling me a porkah? Catch me in a scrum, mate- then let’um hear ya radio voice sound like a dingo!” More »

Natalia Borges in Miami is what’s hot around the internets

Melissa Benoist from Supergirl in a bikini [DrunkenStepfather]

It’s Lindsay Lohan on vacation in a swimsuit because of course [Celebslam]

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reunion! [Lainey Gossip]

Emmy Rossum robbed of a shit-ton of jewlery [Dlisted] … More »

Jenna Dewan’s See-Through Top Is Exactly What the Russians Want Us to Look At

The longer you stare at her nipple, the more votes Ted Nugent gets for U.S. Senator… More »

What We Can Learn From Jay Cutler’s Bare Ass

Jay Cutler’s ass is surprisingly a wealth of information! More »

What Doc Brown Would Say About Eminem’s Daughter, Hailie Scott

“If my calculations are correct, Marty- we’re about to have 1.21 gigawatts of… GREAT HAILIE SCOTT! She’s already 21?!” More »

James Blunt Might Be Cool – Just Don’t Admit It to Your Mother

Cop you a nick-sack and a couple swisha sweets- it’s James muhfukkin’ Blunt, biiiiiisshhh! More »

Sarah Snyder in Miami is what’s hot around the internets

Do as Leo DiCaprio says, not as he does . . .  dick [Celebslam]

This is going to be a messy break-up [Lainey Gossip]

Aaron Sorkin new to this whole diversity thing [Dlisted]

Wise move, Kanye [TMZ] … More »

Cuba Gooding Jr. Lifted up Sarah Paulson’s Dress on Stage and Everyone Is Pissed

Bad news for anyone who has a bunch of Daddy Day Care or Snow Dogs movie memorabilia, Cuba’s stock just went wayyyy downn. More »

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