“Just Don’t Say Puerto Rico Like That When You do The Speech, Okay?”

“He fucking did it didn’t he? God damn it!” -John Kelly More »

Bella Thorne Striptease Video of the Day

Few people enjoy being topless in front of a room full of men as much as Bella Thorne… Well, I guess strippers do — the really good ones who train for it though, not the sad ones with too many kids. More »

All This Harvey Weinstein Mess Will Go Away Because Money

It’s sad, frustrating, and unfortunately true. This guy’s got enough pull to get out of anything short of murder. More »

Tyrese Needs More Work…

After blowing up on The Rock for delaying that next car movie until 2020, I think it’s time for Tyrese to start looking for a new gig. More »

Today’s Links Brought to You By Kim Kardashian’s Fake Tears

She’s crying… or maybe quacking… I don’t know exactly but whatever it is, it ain’t human. More »

OJ Simpson Staged A Paparazzi Run-In… Maybe

According to TMZ, one of their photographers thwarted a staged attempt at a “fake” paparazzi video… Have you ever watched videos from TMZ’s photographers? I’m skeptical. More »

That Guy From Glee Was Busted for Child Porn

Mark Salling has admitted guilt to possession of child pornography after cops found thousands of kiddie porn images on his personal computer. See ya never, dude! More »

Cam Newton Chugs Sexist Sauce in Front of Female Reporter

SPOILER ALERT: It tastes like dick. More »

Of Course Lionel Richie Hates Scott Disick

How would you feel if some 34-year-old boozehound was dating your 19-year-old daughter? More »

Hefner’s Ex Is Capitalizing on His Death… With a Sex Tape

Whaaat! Your sex tape was leaked and stolen a week after the only person who made you relevant died!? What a coincidence!! More »

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