The Return of The Crap We Missed

By: Photo Boy / January 26, 2015
You don't give a shit what our dumb names are, and you want your silly faces and butts back. Message received. Have at it. More »

It’s Almost Taylor Swift’s Girlfriend’s Nipple

By: The Superficial / January 26, 2015
Karlie Kloss has an almost, kind of, sort of nipple slip while walking the Versace runway at Paris Fashion Week. Taylor Swift's seen better. More »

Alexander Skarsgard Is Back

By: The Superficial / January 26, 2015
There had been whispers of Alexander Skarsgard's return except everyone took them as myths, hearsay, wistful dreams whispered on a summer wind. And then your water broke. More »

Miley Cyrus Wore A Bikini, Have You Heard?

By: The Superficial / January 26, 2015
Miley Cyrus spent the weekend posting pics and videos of herself in a bikini to Instagram because apparently she’s very concerned with proving her January is better than yours. More »

Lindsay Lohan Has Photoshop? What Makes You Say That?

By: The Superficial / January 26, 2015
Lindsay Lohan poses in her Calvins on Instagram because it helps fight off the mosquito virus or whatever Mr. Coke told her that morning for breakfast. The situation's fluid. More »

Jennifer Aniston & Sofia Vergara Won The SAG Awards

By: The Superficial / January 26, 2015
Jennifer Aniston and Sofia Vergara's cleavage are all you need to know about The SAG Awards. I'd never lie to you. More »

It’s Jennifer Lawrence! You Guys Still Like Jennifer Lawrence, Right?

By: The Superficial / January 26, 2015
I know you're still mad at Jennifer Lawrence because she didn't pat you on the head and say, "Thanks for looking at my sensitive private vagina photos, you guys, that's so sweet," but it's time to bury the hatchet. More »

Good Morning, Hethielly Beck, And Other News

By: The Superficial / January 26, 2015
Winter Soldier gymnast sex, Kanye West doesn't smile because of castles, JWoww's doomed kid, Rihanna's been banging Leo for years, and Emily Ratajkowski in a bikini. Your morning links. More »

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