The Joy Corrigan We Missed

Joy Corrigan bikini photos won’t forsake you. More »

Michael Jackson Had Tons Of Animal And Child Torture Porn: Report

Michael Jackson was into some sick, perverted shit? Get out. More »

Tom DeLonge Quit Blink-182 To Prove Aliens Exist

Tom DeLonge thinks he’s the Ambassador of Space now or some shit. More »

Photo Boy On Anton Yelchin And Bullshit Internet Speculation

In which I rant about the meaninglessness of internet speculation on a meaningless celebrity tit blog. Self-delusion, ain’t it grand? More »

Alexander Skarsgard Supports Gun Control, PUSSSSSHHHH!

Alexander Skarsgard. Gun control. SOMEBODY BOIL WATER! More »

Selma Blair Roofied Herself On A Plane Or Something

Selma Blair was pulled off a flight in a stretcher after mixing pills and booze then screaming about a dude burning her vagina. Yup. More »

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