Haley Roberts And The Hoff Are Being Hassled In Miami

Paps have been swarming David Hasselhoff in Miami since his daughter got pinched for a pretty epic DUI. Also Christina Aguilera did something Japanese sounding, Avril Lavigne has an awesome conspiracy theory now, and more… More »

Inside Ivanka Trump’s Apartment On “MTV Cribs: Prozac Edition”

Back in 2009 Ivanka brought Oprah’s camera crew into her apartment to say: “Here’s a bunch of shit that I’ve never touched or used that I absolutely can’t live without…” More »

Kim And Khloe’s Butt Powers Unite To Battle Evildoers

I’m torn between their comic book title: “The Chronicles of Buttgirl and Booblady” or just “Assassins.” More »

Justin Bieber Managed To Piss Off India – Surprised?

45,000 people showed up to a Bieber show in Mumbai and all they got was a dude in gym shorts pronouncing everything wrong. More »

Kelly Rohrbach And Priyanka Chopra Being Babes And Friday’s Link-Beef

Can Kelly Rohrbach in a swimsuit be enough to salvage the knuckle-draggingly stupid looking Baywatch remake? Also James Woods is being a dick on Twitter, Melissa McCarthy is taking Spicey for a ride, and more… … More »

Prediction: North West Will Punch A Paparazzi Guy in 2019

Normal 3-year olds: “I have a dinosaur on my shirt, RAWRR!”

North West: “If you spill apple juice on this Givenchy top – I will F**KING END YOU!” More »

Taylor Armstrong In A Fireman Outfit Or Something

Not pictured: guy smoking crack and burning trash in the alleyway, rambling to himself about how he discovered cold fusion. More »

Something About Rosie O’Donnell’s Sex Life EWWW!

It’s ok if you want to throw up. I did… More »

Russian Singer Hanna Ivanova at The Beach, Halsey Dressed As A Sexy Bellhop, And Link-Beef

Halsey’s music is like skid row Katy Perry (which is kinda cool) and she’s into taping her boobs down with hockey tape so she’s got a bright future in showbiz. Also Kate Middleton saw a bigass cake, Scott Disick is drowning in ass, and Ja Rule’s ass is getting served… ass.More »

Uh Oh… A New Miley Cyrus Music Video

Planes are falling out of the sky, cars are piling up on the interstate, and some dude in a bunker in North Dakota is sweating buckets with his finger over a big red button because Miley pulled a fast one on us and refrained from shoving anything inside her butt. More »

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