Candace Smith Doing Bikini Things and More News

The former Miss Ohio and Millionaire Matchmaker guidance counselor is pretty good at bikini things… On second thought, she’s really good at bikini things. More »

Let’s Learn Something New About Usher’s Penis

Usher allegedly gave a woman herpes back in 2012 and paid her $1.1 million for “damages”. Now the story is out and we all know how gross his dong looked. More »

Rob Kardashian Is Asking Scott Disick For Advice… Lol

Ask Scott Disick which brand of vodka best pairs with breakfast food, not how to clean up your public image… More »

David Beckham’s 12-Year-Old Is Recording More Uncomfortable Music

Yes I’m about to go in on a 12-year-old. Yes I’m aware I’m a horrible person. Yes his music is that bad that I feel it’s necessary. More »

Martha Hunt Flashing Underwear Gets Her Own Post

Sure she’s a horrible actress, but in this day and age it’s nice to see some people still believe in traditional undergarments. More »

Richard Gere: The Great North American Hogbody Caught on Camera

Today on Superficial Nature, we’ve obtained photographical evidence of the elusive and mysterious North American Hogbody. Watch as it cools off in a creek after an afternoon of gorging on chili cheese fries and Leinenkugels. More »

Jennifer Lawrence: Everyone’s Favorite Barf Queen

Once again, J-Law is living up to her reputation of being an 11-year-old boy trapped in a grown woman’s body after she threw up in a Broadway theatre lobby. More »

Aaron Carter’s Blaming His DUI On 9/11 Because Meth Is Great

If they make Aaron Carter wear a suit to court rather than dressing like a truck stop twink then the terrorists win. He’s an American icon like a state bird or a hamburger… or a state bird eating a hamburger out of a dumpster. More »

Sure Caitlyn Jenner Wants to Be A Senator Too, Why Not

Somebody needs to put a stop to this whole “celebrities running for office” thing before Senator Kid Rock passes his Baw-wit’da-bill that gives strippers fast pass dance lanes at the DMV. More »

Mary Kaitlin Doing Stretchy Camo Bikini Things and More News

I see that her camouflage bikini doesn’t help blend her into the ocean, but this is art people – things don’t always have to make sense. More »

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