Julianne Hough and Taylor Hoechlin Doing Old Fashioned Bikini Things

I guess Julianne and that guy from 7th Heaven is making like a 1950s version of Baywatch with bodybuilders or something? I don’t know, you can kind of see her snatch if that’s something you’re into. More »

Blake Shelton is Sexiest Man at the Truck Stop at Most

Calling Blake Sheldon the “Sexiest Man Alive” is like giving Guy Fieri a Michelin Star. More »

Idiots are Pissed Off at Bryan Cranston

Folks are actually writing Bryan Cranston off completely for being a logical dude. More »

‘Paper Magazine’ Tries to “Break the Internet” With Nicki Minaj’s Booty Ass

Well it’s no Kim Kardashian full frontal from 2014, but I guess a picture of Nicki Minaj licking her own vagina is going to have to suffice this time around. More »

Charles Bronson’s Wedding Photos are Just Lovely

That woman finally married Charles Bronson, Britain’s most dangerous inmate, and their wedding was just as weird as you’d expect… More »

This Duggarfucker Is Begging for Money After TLC Fired Him

Just after getting the axe from TLC, he started a GoFundMe to travel the world and help people pray their gay away. More »

Phoebe Price Gets Inappropriate With a Turkey

Phoebe Price proves once again that she is the perfect incarnation of “Stripper Ms. Frizzle” from Magic School Bus. More »

Let’s Check In With Kanye and Kim’s Handmaid

“Kanye, did you make sure she had food before we left for France?”

“Uhhhhh…” More »

That’s Cute, ‘Justice League’ Had a Red Carpet Premiere

Bless their hearts, Justice League had a premiere in Hollywood last night (yes, I put extra pictures of Gal Gadot in here). More »

Tom Sizemore Fastidiously Fingered for Fondling a Female in 2003

Sizemore is being called out for shoving his finger into an 11-year-old actress, thus giving his book By Some Miracle I Made It Out of There a completely new meaning… More »

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