Anti-Fur Protestors Just Yelled At Patti Labelle

The singer-turned-cookbook-author is public now enemy #1. These are dire times, people! More »

Erika Jayne Is Naked on Instagram *shudders* But It’s Actually Not That Bad

For a 45-year-old, the Real Housewife and terrible musician doesn’t look half-bad… More »

People Are Being Crybabies Over Wes Anderson’s New Movie

Wes Anderson is making a new stop-motion movie set in Japan and the cast is all whiteys, Japanese people, and a couple of black guys- GRAB YOUR URBAN OUTFITTERS PITCHFORKS!! More »

Kim K’s Trash Bag Dumper Vs. A Couple of Models In Miami

Have you seen these pictures of Kim Kardashian’s rumpus in Mexico? It’s like the moon with a multicolored tent pitched over it… More »

Emma Watson Is Woke As Hell

It sucks that Emma Watson was born in France, otherwise I’d put money on her being President in the 2030’s (if we make it that far). More »

Josie Canseco Walks To Her Car In The Pouring Wind

Somebody sit this girl down for a “safety talk”, she is just out of control! More »

We All Wish Kirby Jenner Was Real

This guy pretending to be Kendall Jenner’s fraternal twin is winning the Internet. More »

Doutzen Kroes Discovers New Species of Dolphin/Kid During A Photoshoot

“Who’s kid is this? Who let their kid on the set- OH MY GOD HE HAS A TAIL!” More »

Proof That Attractive Women In Bikinis Can Do Whatever They Want

That’s CJ Franco, Danielle Lombard, and Shannon Waterman popping champagne on a boat that definitely doesn’t belong to them. More »

Amber Heard Will Hopefully Recolonize A New Civilization With Elon Musk

Because I’m petty towards anyone who is super smart, I’m going to say that they’re only dating to create an attractive, super-baby genius and there are no feelings whatsoever… More »

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