‘Suicide Squad’ Burlesque And Link Beef

Sean Hannity’s about to get Chrissy Teigen’s name smacked out of his mouth, Charlie Sheen knows he’s crazy,  and the floppy pig lady from that boo-boo show has been photoshopped skinny or something?
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Please Don’t Let Harry Styles Ruin This Movie

Usually the teen-pop idol crossover into acting doesn’t go- wait… did they just crush him with a boat? THEY CRUSHED HIM WITH A BOAT!! More »

Video of A Porn Star Getting Bit By A Shark

This is the most recklessly American thing I’ve ever seen and I’m really conflicted on how I feel about it. More »

Kendall Jenner Is Pissing Off India Now

Somebody get this girl a Pepsi! More »

Justin Bieber’s Indian Tour Rider Is Full Of Completely Reasonable Stuff

Just kidding! It’s like an Arab prince’s letter to Santa Claus. More »

Gosh! That Chris Pratt Is Just Such A Darn Nice Guy, I Tell Ya!

Seriously, it’s damn-near impossible to hate this guy… he knows SIGN LANGUAGE and kicks it with dying kids…  More »

Call In Sick: Miley Cyrus Is Reinventing Herself Again

Miley just figured out that someone who performs naked while covered in milk doesn’t get taken seriously by the middle-American audience she needs to buy her album. More »

Alanis Morissette’s Manager Had One Hand In Her Pocket

Now he’s facing a jagged little prison sentence for stealing $7 million… want more Alanis puns? C’mon through, my hands are clean… More »

Mariah Carey’s Ex-Boytoy Won’t Go Away

“Ugh this guy won’t stop texting me…”

*Looks out window to see Bryan standing in the yard doing the chest pound from Fear* More »

Martin Shkreli Is Acting Like A Penis Again

Yes, I just called him a penis… He deserves it. More »

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