Joy Corrigan Channels Energy to Her Yoni and Other News

Ah, I see someone has been reading up on Gwyneth’s Goop blog lately… More »

Amber Rose Just Realized Her Boobs Are Too Big

Grasping at straws of relevance, Amber Rose is now talking about getting reductive surgery. Here’s why I don’t care. More »

More Photos of Sia Without Her Face Covered

She hasn’t been hiding behind hair, feathers, an executioner’s hood, etc. like she usually does… could this mean that she’s over her Bane phase? More »

Summer Phoenix is Finally Divorcing Casey Affleck

Wow… I figured this happened a while ago. More »

What is Jackie Cruz from OITNB Doing Here?

It’s really just a gallery of her showing off her massive bazoombas in Spain, but I have the maturity of a bag of gummy worms so I’m going to point out how it looks like she’s blasting ass… More »

Hugh Jackman Racing A Boy in A Speedo, Anyone?

Mancandy quota for the week – check.

Something going on between Hugh Jackman and his running partner – …check? More »

Kendall Jenner’s Nipples Went to An Art Gallery

Good morning! Kendall Jenner, the #2 most relevant nippler in the Kardashian clan, is using her boobs to sell Pepsi-colored makeup or something as she leaves an art gallery. More »

MTV Is About to Be Soo Relevant Again

They’re bringing back TRL, a Laguna Beach ripoff, and making the Moonman gender neutral because that goddamn trophy has been holding women and trans folk back for too long! More »

Amanda Cerny Doing Bikini Things and More News

I wonder if Justin Bieber made her pray before she was allowed to see him naked… More »

Keke Palmer Is Calling Out Kylie Jenner For Being A Robot

I salute you Ms. Palmer, you are a great American. More »

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