Go Home, Jennifer Lawrence! You’re Drunk!

There’s “white-girl wasted”… Then there’s “J-Law-in-Austria-on-a-stripper-pole wasted”. More »

Scott Disick Has Hit Rock-Hard Bottom

Scott’s sex addiction is so out of control, that if you’re a 19-year-old model named Ella, Bella, or… anything that ends in -lla, he’s going to crush you up and snort you with his peehole. More »

Playmate Ana Braga Taking Boob Selfies And More

ABC has greenlit a new Dancing With The Stars with only children because we can’t have nice things, Bill Cosby says racism made him do it, and Katy Perry told Ellen that she is going to be an American Idol judge… and that she can pee standing up. … More »

I Guess One Of Trump’s Lawyers Might Want To Bang His Own Daughter Now

Lots of dads post pictures of their daughters in lingerie, right? More »

Kendall Jenner Pretending to Fall Off A Bike

Tack on “rides a bike like a newborn deer” to Kendall’s long list of talents and skills… More »

Classy Move: Playmate Accused of Body-Shaming Old Woman

Someone will never be able to look at their grandma again after former Playmate of The Year Dani Mathers posted an incognito photo of  an old, naked lady on Snapchat. A grim reminder that hot people are meanies. More »

Haley Roberts And The Hoff Are Being Hassled In Miami

Paps have been swarming David Hasselhoff in Miami since his daughter got pinched for a pretty epic DUI. Also Christina Aguilera did something Japanese sounding, Avril Lavigne has an awesome conspiracy theory now, and more… More »

Inside Ivanka Trump’s Apartment On “MTV Cribs: Prozac Edition”

Back in 2009 Ivanka brought Oprah’s camera crew into her apartment to say: “Here’s a bunch of shit that I’ve never touched or used that I absolutely can’t live without…” More »

Kim And Khloe’s Butt Powers Unite To Battle Evildoers

I’m torn between their comic book title: “The Chronicles of Buttgirl and Booblady” or just “Assassins.” More »

Justin Bieber Managed To Piss Off India – Surprised?

45,000 people showed up to a Bieber show in Mumbai and all they got was a dude in gym shorts pronouncing everything wrong. More »

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