I Guess Katy Perry Said Something Sorta Racist

She’s just diverting simple questions by bringing up the Obama administration… just like that one guy… damn, what was his name? More »

Bella Hadid Is Pretending to Be Bummed Fyre Fest Didn’t Work Out

She clearly smelt this shit storm from miles away. More »

I Think Jackie Cruz Is Doing The OA Dance Thing

Also, what the shit is she wearing? It looks like someone drew it on with a fat-tipped Sharpie. More »

Nabilla Benattia Attempts Spearfishing With A Water Bottle

A bikini model with survival skills? Sign me up! More »

Katy Perry Made A Song About Cannibalism

KP is hardcore. More »

Anastasia Kvitko AKA The Russian Kim Kardashian “Must Break You”

I really wanted to find a gallery of her being pumped up with Russian steroids and running on a treadmill with scientists all around her… This’ll have to do. More »

Kara Del Toro Doing The Exposed-Shoulder Thing And More Link-Beef

The jacket off the shoulder thing has been around since the 50’s, everybody chill out and eat this link-beef… More »

SI Swimsuit Models Just Being Regular BFF’s

Nothing to see here, just a couple of models minding their own business and posing on a beach… More »

Put Some Pants On, Amazon Echo Is Watching

The new Amazon Echo will give “Alexa” a camera because privacy sucks! More »

R. Kelly Is Being Sued Because He Banged Some Dude’s Wife

Before you say anything, the answer is NO – he didn’t pee on her. More »

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