The New ‘Justice League’ Poster Looks AWESOME

I’m kidding, it looks like dog shit. More »

Guess Whose Giant Ass This Is Squeezing Into a Car…

I’ll give you a hint: It rhymes with Shmim ShmarsmashianMore »

David Harbour Likes a Gal Who Can Suck Down a Hoagie

Nothing turns on ‘Stranger Things’ actor David Harbour like a girl who can slam a sammy. More »

Let’s Talk About Sammy Sosa’s Pinterest Page for a Sec

Please take a moment to step into Sammy Sosa’s digital mad house. More »

Anna Faris With a Guy Who Isn’t Chris Pratt

She’s got a new boyfriend! BURN EVERYTHING YOU OWN! More »

Robert Pattinson Seeking Refuge in Katy Perry’s Breasts

It’s true… he broke off his engagement with FKA Twigs. While she teleported back to her own time to be a noblewoman during the Persian Empire, I guess Pattinson started touching boobs that John Mayer once touched. More »

Kim and Kourtney Shop for Christmas Trees as California Burns

“I like this one, it kind of reminds me of my ass because it’s huge.” -The guy selling them trees. More »

This Duggarfucker Is Back Again…

Only a few days after claiming that the USA “is one of the least racist countries,” this idiot is back to remind everyone that Jesus will identify your gender as HE sees fit. More »

Blac Chyna is Suing ALL of The Kardashians Now

At this point, it’s turned into one of those carnival games where they shove you in a glass box and you have ten seconds to grab all the flying money you can… More »

Let Me Check… Yep, Azealia Banks Is Still Crazy

Azealia Banks took a time out from her weekly Santeria sesh to remind everyone that she’s still batshit bananas. More »

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