Supermodel Isabeli Fontana Wet T-Shirt Windsurfing and Other News

She <3's life... More »

George Clooney And Matt Damon Try to Cover Their Asses by Denouncing Harvey Weinstein

Seriously, guys! Harvey just looked, acted, and talked like a pig the entire time we knew him, we didn’t think he actually was one! More »

Mark Cuban for President: Slam Dunk or Nah?

Cuban says he’s seriously considering the idea of running as a Republican in the 2020 election. Are we seriously considering another reality TV president? More »

Corinne Olympios Slutty Halloween Costume of The Day

Halloween isn’t for another week but when you’re thirsty… you’re thirsty. More »

Director James Toback: Pervert of the Week

Fat and white? Check.

Has industry pull from a few well-received titles? Check.

Likes to jerk off on drama students he meets at coffee shops? Oh, boy WE GOT ANOTHER ONE! More »

Tara Reid: Crotch Flash Friday

Oh hey, TaraaAAOH MY GAHD! More »

Olivia Culpo And Friends Spray Stuff on Their Bodies

Olivia Culpo, Daniela Braga, Devon Windsor, and Alex Windsor are just four regular, everyday women who like to hang out in bikinis. Nothing to see here. More »

What’s All The Hubbub With Louis CK’s New Movie?

People seem to be really pissed about Louis CK’s new movie ‘I Love You, Daddy,’ and I don’t really get why… I mean, I get why, but I think they’re wrong. More »

Katy Perry Concert Fail of The Day

If you want to start your weekend on a high note, try meth. If you want to see Katy Perry stranded on a floating chair above an arena full of screaming girls, click here. More »

Model Accuses David Blaine of Butt Rape

Guilty or not, consider this a formal initiation into the ‘HOWDY’ club (High Order of Womanizing Douchebags… Yo). More »

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