Paris Hilton’s Brother Went Completely Apeshit On A Plane

By: The Superficial / February 4, 2015
Paris Hilton's brother Conrad Hilton was just arrested for flipping out on a plane and calling everyone on board 'peasants' because he turns into a feudal lord when he's high as fuck. More »

Good Morning, Hethielly Beck, And Other News

By: The Superficial / February 4, 2015
Felicity Jones is probably your new Princess Leia, Channing Tatum wears Amy Adams as a scarf, Cara Delevingne bags a Willis, and Gigi Hadid's in a bikini again. Your morning links. More »

The Crap We Missed – Tuesday 2.3.15

By: Photo Boy / February 3, 2015
Did Paris Hilton get implants? Is that Nicki Minaj's areola? Is Rob Gronkowski still drunk from partying after the Super Bowl? The answers await. More »

So Suge Knight Probably Escaped

By: The Superficial / February 3, 2015
While preparing to appear in court for murder charges, Suge Knight reportedly suffered a panic attack and had to be rushed to the hospital. Well played? More »

How Is Megan Fox Still Premiering ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?’

By: The Superficial / February 3, 2015
Somehow Megan Fox is still premiering 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' over six months after its release. She knows what she did. More »

‘Daredevil’ Has A Trailer For A Trailer Teaser Thing

By: The Superficial / February 3, 2015
Marvel continues its trend of releasing trailers for trailers with 'Daredevil' in this 15 second clip that promises a new trailer tomorrow. More »

Lindsay & Dina Lohan Sue Fox News For Saying They Did Coke Together

By: The Superficial / February 3, 2015
Lindsay Lohan and her mom are suing Fox News because one time, over a year ago, a guest on Hannity said they did coke together. Yup. More »

Lactating Mila Kunis! You Came Back!

By: The Superficial / February 3, 2015
It’s been over a month since we last saw Mila Kunis’ cool new mom-boobs, so here they are at last night’s Jupiter Ascending premiere. More »

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