BEST OF 2016: Tom Hardy’s Penis

BEST OF 2016: Charlotte McKinney In A Wet T-Shirt

Happy Holidays, Everybody!

A special holiday message from The Superficial and Erika Jordan doing things to a candy cane. More »

The Most Important People On The Internet: Holiday Edition

The Most Important People on The Internet is back with a holiday edition that’s fun for the whole family. (I’m joking. Don’t show this to anyone you have to look in the eye later. Goddammit.) More »

Tom Arnold Says The Trump Russian Orgy Tape Exists Now

Tom Arnold is going to keep talking about the supposed Trump Tapes he has until we all die or kill him first. The choice is yours. More »

Courtney Stodden Made A Song About Banging Santa

Is this the War on Christmas everyone’s talking about? Because I’d like to enlist for the boob stuff. Where does that stuff happen? More »

Blac Chyna Isn’t Invited To The Kardashian Holiday Party

Fuck it, let’s pretend Blac Chyna isn’t invited to The Kardashian Christmas Party for a few minutes. You weren’t busy were you? More »

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