The Academy of Country Music Awards Looked Like A Fancy NASCAR Party

Producer: “I have an idea- put the Backstreet Boys up there n’ have’m sing that song from 20 years ago! People’ll cream their britches!”

*sir, that’s not country mu-*

(starts shooting guns) “CREAMED BRITCHESS!!” More »

Kara Del Toro Holds A Cell Phone And Walks Forward

You’re probably gonna want to sit down for this one… More »

The Real Reason Kim Kardashian Might Want A Third Kid

“My doctor says that if there’s three of them they can start like a Hanson band and make beats for Kanye and put out Christmas albums and stuff.” More »

Halle Berry May Be Responsible For Cap’n Crunch Berry Debacle Of 1997

Halle Berry is taking her boobs out on Instagram and asking for snacks, but if you look closer, something is rotten in Denmark… More »

CJ Franco Like, Totally Rents A Bike And Rides Around As The World Burns

Russia and China put their entire military arsenal on display this week while CJ Franco dressed like a hot farmer and rode around on a bike. Call your moms and tell them you love them! More »

The New “IT” Trailer Is Another Reason To Never Go To Maine

Maine is like America’s attic where we keep all our old, creepy shit- so happy Lobsterfest, Maine! You’re relevant again! More »

Brooke Burke Is Splashing Around In France And Everything Is Wet

Brooke Burke is playing fetch or something with her kids and it’s very important because she’s in a bathing suit. More »

Cristiano Ronaldo’s Statue Looks Silly, Everybody Point At It And Laugh!

“I like it, Emanuel, but can you make it look like someone shoved it in the microwave?”

*Say no more, fam…* More »

Chloe Grace Moretz in short shorts is what’s hot around the internets

Karen Gillan from Guardians of the Galaxy looking fantastic [Popoholic]

Rita Ora looking smoking hot in a bikini in The Maldives [Celebslam]

OH HELL NO [Dlisted] … More »

Can We Talk About Tomi Lahren’s Selfies, Please…

Everything about Tomi solidifies the fact that shiny objects can distract Americans from major problems in this– *Ooh, look! A cute dog!* More »

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