Paris Hilton Working on a New Album for Next Year

If you thought 2017 sucked, just wait for 2018! More »

Mariah Carey Accused of Sexual Harassment by Bodyguard (He Saw Her Boobies)

**GASP** More »

What The Hell is Going on With Tyrese?

He’s publicly thanking Jada and Will Smith for giving him $5 million but they have no idea what he’s talking about and somehow the dude is flying private jets and smoking cigars, what the fuck is happening here? More »

Sia Beats the Internet by Sharing Nude Photo of Herself

Sia will be goddamned if anyone’s going to sell pictures of her bare ass without her showing it off first. More »

Sofia Richie Goes Topless While Scott Disick Rambles on About Something

“I’m just saying, why do they call them buildings if they’re already built?” More »

Ben Affleck is Donating Weinstein Residuals to Charity Too

“Kevin Smith is a smart fahkin’ guy and a great fahtha, so I’m sending my Miramax money whereva his stuff is goin.” More »

The Guy Who Josh Duggar Wishes He Looked Like Isn’t Getting Any Money from Him

Justice has failed the man who Josh Duggar used to pickup strippers on his OkCupid and Ashley Madison sexcapades. More »

That Guy from KUWTK is Changing His Name to “foodgod”

We get it, dude… you really like food. More »

Chrissy Teigen’s Boobs Went to a Thing and Other News

I also got Taylor Swift’s 500th single off her new album, Fetty Wap’s idiotic DUI arrest, and a big clock that will countdown to when Harvey Weinstein goes to jail… More »

Selena Gomez Fake Reading to Kids in a Park

Most folks that walk into parks and pick up the first kid they see wind up going to jail… More »

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