Good God, Hilary Duff In Black, And Other News

Nina Dobrev is dating who now? [Lainey Gossip]

The time Kevin Spacey hit on a 7th Heaven actor. [Dlisted]

Bella and Gigi Hadid protest the Muslim ban. [TMZ]

Nazis are literally overseeing our national security now. Oh, good. [Newser]

Your morning links. … More »

Carrie Fisher Asked Harrison Ford To Sing For Her Oscars ‘Death Reel’

Carrie Fisher asked Harrison Ford if he would sing during her Oscars “death reel,” and a goddamn hero is trying to make it happen. More »

The Crap We Missed – Friday 1.27.17

Sara Jean Underwood in a tank top, JLo’s cleavage, Instagram butts, and Martin Shkreli sniveling like the cartoon villain he is. … More »

I’m Told Jason Momoa Throwing Axes Is The Hotness

Jason Momoa throwing axes while drinking Guinness is apparently doing things for the internet. You’re welcome. More »

‘The People v. Joanna Krupa’s Smelly Vagina’ Is Still Happening

“The defense would like to call Joanna Krupa’s vagina,” is something that might actually be said in a real life courtroom. More »

Ben Affleck Lost $75 Million With ‘Live By Night,’ Not Good

Ben Affleck lost Warner Bros. a buttload of money, so get ready for Batman V Godzilla or some stupid crap. (Jaws. Make Batman fight Jaws.) More »

Robin Thicke Isn’t Just A Douche, He’s A Violent Douche ‘Allegedly’

Paula Patton won a restraining order against Robin Thicke after court documents alleged a pattern of domestic violence, cocaine addiction, and cheating. What a dreamy guy! More »

Taylor Swift’s New Video Wasn’t Worth The Hype

Taylor Swift threw her gender under the bus for this? Nobody even got their nipples clamped! More »

The Kardashians Went On Vacation Without Kanye And Scott

The Kardashians went on vacation and left Kanye and Scott behind. It’s the moment they’ve been waiting for. At long last! (Not a penis joke. Or is it?) More »

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