Amber Heard Dressed As A Fish Should Make You Wet

James Wan teased Mera’s costume from the new Aquaman movie and it makes Zack Snyder’s version look like Amber Heard was going to an 80’s prom dressed as a Power Rangers villian. More »

Kendall Jenner Brought Her Nips To Cannes!? No way!

I take back everything I said about Cannes being a classy placeMore »

Katy Perry Made A Song About Beating T. Swift At Basketball Or Something

Katy Perry is clearly dissing Taylor Swift because she’s from California and the Warriors are in the playoffs and Taylor Swift is from a couple hundred miles from Cleveland so it’s OBVIOUS that somebody’s about to get stabbed.” -Idiots who read into Katy Perry lyrics More »

Natasha Oakley, Olivia Culpo, Cannes-Folk and More…

I don’t think a real-life pirate could even understand what Johnny Depp was saying on Ellen, the new Todd Haynes movie is crushing it, some asshole drove his car into a crowd in NYC, and more… More »

Will Netflix Ruin The Dark Crystal Prequel?

Probably… More »

The Red Carpet At Cannes Makes The Oscars Look Like A Backyard BBQ

Jesus, these people look good. This is what a red carpet looks like when guests don’t show up covered in meat or arrive with an entourage full of gimps in latex. More »

Things Are Getting Worse… Chris Cornell Died

Reports say it looks like Cornell offed himself in a hotel bathroom after playing a show in Detroit. Can’t deny that’s a pretty rock n’ roll way to go out. Truly sad, he was one of the best. More »

Bella Hadid’s Boobs Are At Cannes And More

Bella Hadid was showing off her cleavage and flashing skin-toned underwear at the Cannes Opening Gala so I guess everything is going according to plan over there. More »

Emily Ratajkowski Doing Bikini Things

Anyone else think her bikini bottom looks like an alien facehugger trying to get all up in that babymaker? More »

Go Home, Jennifer Lawrence! You’re Drunk!

There’s “white-girl wasted”… Then there’s “J-Law-in-Austria-on-a-stripper-pole wasted”. More »

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