Amy Schumer’s Breasts Get A Post

By: The Superficial / July 15, 2015

Amy Schumer wears the Slave Leia bikini for GQ . Also, side boob because the Internet Gods demand sacrifice. More »

Chris Brown’s House Got Robbed

By: The Superficial / July 15, 2015

Chris Brown’s house was robbed and possibly by his own friends. Is it weird that I have an erection right now? That’s healthy, right? More »

Kendall Jenner’s Almost Entire Breast

By: The Superficial / July 15, 2015

Kendall Jenner walked around braless yesterday. You can almost see her whole boob-thing! More »

Good Morning, Charlie Riina Bikini Photos, And Other News

By: The Superficial / July 15, 2015

Madonna gets a do-over. [Lainey Gossip]

Lena Dunham won’t stand next to Taylor Swift again. [Dlisted]

Reddit is a goddamn shitshow right now. [The Frisky]

Why is Judd Apatow only criticizing Bill Cosby? [Death and Taxes]

Your morning links. More »

Jesse Eisenberg Thinks Going To Comic-Con Is Like Genocide

By: The Superficial / July 15, 2015

Jesse Eisenberg equated going to Comic-Con with genocide. This should end well. More »

The Crap We Missed – Tuesday 7.14.15

By: Photo Boy / July 14, 2015

Abigail Ratchford topless, Kim Kardashian blowing the hell up, and Joe Jonas narrowly avoiding touching a girl. It’s The Crap We Missed. More »

Whoopi Goldberg Thinks Bill Cosby Is A Rapist Now

By: The Superficial / July 14, 2015

Whoopi Goldberg thinks Bill Cosby is guilty now, so your angry texts and death threats worked after all. Good job? More »

Farrah Abraham Gave Her Daughter $600 From The Tooth Fairy

By: Photo Boy / July 14, 2015

Farrah Abraham gave her kid $600 from The Tooth Fairy. *cracks knuckles* Let’s do this. More »

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