Serena Williams Might Be Pregnant With A Superbaby

Boy or girl, this kid is going to be a beast… Rumor has it that the fetus has already gotten offers from several collegiate athletics programs. More »

Rihanna Is Serial Killer-Chic And Carrying A Ferret

I got nothing but love for Ri, but she looks like she’s asking a ferret where E.T. is hiding. More »

Billy Bush Might Be Coming Back- Is Anyone Actually Mad?

It seems like the only people against this guy were never even watching him on TV in the first place… Hell, it’s not like he tried to run for president. More »

Kylie Jenner And Kim Kardashian Are Looking Terrifying Today

Are we sure this isn’t just an old picture of my aunt from her Joan Baez days? More »

Lady Gaga Makes Out With A Homeless Guy Who Looks Like Bradley Cooper

We are all the guy in the background drinking a coke for this one… More »

Chrissy Metz Is An Inspirational Gangster

Chrissy Metz isn’t the first ‘big fine momma’ to make People’s “Most Beautiful” list, but her letter to her high school self is like final scene of Homeward Bound-level touching. More »

Has Anyone Seen or Heard From The White House Bunny Since Sunday?

If anyone has any information on a giant, white bunny with drag queen makeup, Ben Franklin glasses, and a look on its face that says “I haven’t slept since ‘Nam” – please contact authorities. More »

Here’s A Video Of Kate Upton Doing Something In A School Uniform

I thought I saw Ricky Martin for a second, but I was pretty distracted… More »

Hans Zimmer Has The Coolest Jam Band Ever

Gone are the days of stinky hippies with hula hoops smoking ‘wacky-tobacky’, it’s 2017 and the kids are taking hardcore designer drugs, losing their virginity on Instagram, and listening to industrial orchestras jam the Inception score. More »

Karrueche Tran Is Playing With Her Butt Again

She’s also got some hands that could star in their own horror movie… seriously, they’re straight out of Pan’s Labyrinth. More »

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