Aaron Carter Was Obviously Bisexual, But Let’s Freak Out Anyway

This story will be over faster than your Uber driver will kick you out for playing “Aaron’s Party” on their stereo. More »

Xenia Van Der Woodsen Doing A Bikini Thing and More News

Look, I know she sounds like a villain from a sci-fi movie, but let’s just give her some credit for being really good at bikini things. That’s a thing, by the way. You can probably major in it at University of Central Florida. More »

Robert Pattinson Almost Jerked Off A Dog – HEYOO!

The Twilight star got really cozy with a dog for a scene in his new movie… like… really cozy. More »

Hailey Baldwin: Resting Model Face

Nothing says fashion like a permanent scowl… More »

NYC Has A Sex Toy Pop-Up Offering Street Demos

Welcome to the future where you can masturbate on the sidewalk while waiting for the 5 train… wait, that already happens, right? More »

Casey Batchelor Expels Demons With Yoga and More News

The power of yoga compels you! The power of yoga compels you! More »

The Case of Taylor Swift’s Butt Vs. Creepy DJ Is Going To Trial

T. Swift and her lawyers are about to steamroll this guy who grabbed her ass four years ago – STEAMROLL!! More »

Of Course Farrah Abraham Brought A Photographer To Get Her Vagina Tightened

For a second I almost felt bad seeing her slabbed out on that table in the doctor’s office… then I remembered that she is an evil butt monster fulfilling The Dark Prophecy and she loves this shit. More »

Justin Bieber Doesn’t Know How Sweatshirts Work

Is wearing a sweatshirt half over your body a style now? It’s August, what’s going on here? More »

Martina Stoessel Doing Bikini Things and Other News

I had no idea, but she’s apparently the biggest thing to come out of South America since sugar… and don’t worry, she’s 20. More »

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