Hilary Duff’s Butt Made A Music Video About Her Tinder Dates

By: The Superficial / May 15, 2015

Hilary Duff made a music video about going on dates with men who aren’t me, and no, I did not look into a mirror and growl, “Vengeance is MINE.” You imagined that. More »

And Now Miranda Kerr’s Breasts

By: The Superficial / May 15, 2015

Miranda Kerr’s breasts aren’t gross topics like how many women Bill Cosby has raped or Alan Thicke‘s son’s voice giving him a boner during sex. You’re welcome. More »

Bill Cosby: Who Cares About Rape? Listen To Me Talk About Education

By: The Superficial / May 15, 2015

Bill Cosby answers questions about his rape accusations in a language that only Bill Cosby can understand. More »

Alan Thicke Listens To Robin Thicke Songs During Sex

By: The Superficial / May 15, 2015

Alan Thicke listens to Robin Thicke music during sex. That’s its own punchline. More »

Good Morning, Marissa Everhart Topless, And Other News

By: Photo Boy / May 15, 2015

Australia wants to kill Johnny Depp’s dogs. [Lainey Gossip]

Blythe Danner thinks people are “intimidated” by GOOP. [Fishwrapper]

Patrick Dempsey probably banged interns on Grey’s Anatomy. [Dlisted]

Mirrors, and Cameras, and Girls, Oh My! [theCHIVE]

Your morning links. More »

The Crap We Missed – Thursday 5.14.15

By: Photo Boy / May 14, 2015

Macaulay Culkin tries to kill Seth Green, Natalie Portman smugs the shit out of Cannes, Nicole Kidman malfunctions, and all the butts. It’s The Crap We Missed. More »

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