Paddleboarder Photobombs Sammy Mitchell And Other Things

Eva Longoria showed up in Longoria, Spain and acted like a tourist. [TooFab]

O-Town Bloom doesn’t care that you saw his ding-dong. [PageSix]

Remember when Melania Trump sued Daily Mail for calling her a hooker? She settled for about 2% of what she asked for. [Dlisted]

After crying over french fries, Shia LaBeouf moved to Finland and put himself in time out. [E!]

Charlie Murphy died and there’s nothing funny about leukemia. [Daily Mail]

Struggling to stay relevant, Caitlyn Jenner states the obvious. [EvilBeet]

When will Hailey Baldwin grow out of her “F-YOU DAD” stage? [DrunkStepFather]

… and Sean Spicer’s stupid chemical warfare comments over HBO’s “Veep” Credits. [YouTube]

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